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Reliable 2D Mapping, 3D Modelling & Digital Twin in Dubai, UAE

Add an Extra Dimension to Inspection and Data Visualization

GIS Drone relies on industry-standard UAVs with a high-resolution camera capable of collecting 40-megapixel aerial images for commercial photogrammetry mapping.

We stitch the data together to create a 2D map or a 3D model using still photographs and geo-located metadata to establish their positions and angles.

GIS Drones also offer a digital twin to generate a detailed picture of an object or process. A digital twin is the virtual representation of a system or object prepared using simulations and machine learning from real-time data.

A 3D model of the interior and exterior is simply one part of the whole picture of a digital twin

2D Mapping

2D Mapping

This is a top-down map survey built by stitching hundreds or thousands of digital photos collected by drones. GIS Drones have high-resolution cameras that help capture detailed, centimetre-accurate geo-referenced maps.

We use cloud-based drone mapping software to produce 2D photomosaics in the form of geo-referenced Orthomosaic. 2D orthophotography is used to measure actual distance because it accurately represents the earth’s geographic surface.

Advantages of 2D Mapping

  • It’s faster
  • Can easily access difficult areas
  • Measurements and models created are more precise and accurate.
  • Production of high-definition aerial pictures
  • Helps in the navigation of large areas
  • Can be used in tracking the before and after of a project, e.g. Construction
3D Modeling Buildings

3D Modeling

A combination of the 2D Orthomosaic and 2D Photomosaic with additional oblique side images leads to the production of a 3D model. GIS Drones use 3D modelling to show topography and the exact landscape contours.

3D modelling is becoming an integral part of day-to-day operations, progress monitoring and volume measurement of materials.

Advantages of 3D Modeling

  • Offers quick, easy and immediate results
  • Offers accurate visuals
  • Elimination of field interference
  • Spot unseen errors
  • It saves money and time

Digital Twin

Digital twins are high-quality representations of real-world objects. In addition, it provides real-time data on how the system is working.

Virtual representation has commercial uses because it combines the digital and real worlds. Their in-depth data enables you to make smart, real-time judgments.

Digital twins make it easier for organizations to work together, anticipate issues before they arise, reduce downtime, and open up new possibilities. In addition, using digital twins enables you to simulate a problem and test a solution on a computer rather than in the real world.

Similarly, computer software can simulate a variety of prototypes rather than building a physical one. As a result, financial resources and the workforce are conserved.

GIS Drones use aerial survey sensors to collect real-time data and rely on leading machine learning software to generate digital twins of any object or process of your preference.

Digital Twins In Dubai

Got a project that you think we can help with?

Why not drop us a message to get the project going as soon as possible?

2D Mapping & 3D Modeling Applications

In situations when an object changes over time and the initial model of the thing becomes invalid, digital twins can be quite valuable.

In manufacturing, the digital twin concept allows for the production of separate models of specific objects inside a single framework, making model development, validation, and updating simple and efficient.

  • Smart assembly ensures that components are selected for best performance and reduced scrap.
  • Sophisticated multi-component constructions whose internal details can’t be accessed can use measurements of the assembly’s exterior surface to assure that the inside structure has been appropriately deployed.
  • Ensure that any deviations from the product specification do not have an unacceptable impact on performance.
  • Identify problems before they become catastrophic, maintenance scheduling, and smart maintenance by using the twin to update parameters relevant to known possible defects.
Laser Scanning Services In Dubai

Laser Scanning – Lidar

GIS Drones offer Laser Scanning services by using remote sensing methods that use pulsing lasers to measure the varying distance to analyze the surfaces of terrain, facilities or incidents.

The data recorded is developed into 3D models of facilities, incident scenes and objects with precise measurements. The approach of photogrammetry is applied to map out large areas. 

With laser beams, we measure and capture environments in 3D with speed and accuracy for your infrastructure projects. We accurately measure and collect data from objects, surfaces, buildings and landscapes using the state of the art aerial mapping drones.

Digital Twin & Laser Scanning Applications:

Construction & Real Estate

  • Monitor job progress & earthmoving operations
  • Survey Designs
  • Compare design plans to as-built
  • Dynamic Digital Surface Model
  • Slope Maps
  • Custom Contours
  • Source Images
  • Comparison View
  • Change View
  • 3D Mesh
  • 3D Point Cloud
  • Specific Overlays

Agriculture & Forestry

  • Map and scout to visually analyze the fields
  • Run field inventory to characterize the crops and monitor them

Power & Utilities

  • GIS Drones provide complete upstanding surveillance results for the energy and mileage diligence, whether for planned point checks, structure examinations, or in response to outages that bear immediate attention. Consumers can capture precious asset data and continue their commitment to hand safety while delivering the high-quality, dependable service their customers desire.

Roads & Infrastructures

  • Support safety road map
  • Optimize and maintain trails of roads


  • 3D Models
  • 2D Orthomosaic maps
  • Thermal maps
  • 3D model-building information
  • LiDAR point cloud
  • Multispectral maps
  • Digital Surface Model (DSM)
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)