Who are we

GIS Drones provide Commercial and Professional Aerial Services using Cutting Edge Drones for Industry Applications.

GIS Drones was established by Entrepreneur Mohamed Shawky in Dubai in 2020, intending to become the foremost drone services provider in the UAE and the Middle East, focused on Drone-Powered Solutions delivery.

Our Vision

To be a thought leader in drone solutions for the land and asset-intensive industries (real estate, construction, oil and gas, mining, power and utilities, defence, tourism, conservation, and maritime) – in the Middle East and beyond.

To empower a vast world of industries with enhanced intelligence and digital transformation.

Our Mission

What we do

Using industrial-grade drones and Geo-Data Analytics software, we offer a wide range of Drones & Aerial Services to the public and private sectors. Our goal is to assist businesses in enhancing their operational efficiency using our Drones Solutions.

Gis Drones Uae Planning

GIS Drones Unlock the Creative Powers of Drones

Faster Operation

Drones do visual and thermal inspections faster and without requiring any shutdowns. An entire construction site survey takes hours rather than days to complete.

Cost Effective Process

Drones can reduce staff & equipment costs over time, bringing an impressive ROI. As drones’ applicability becomes more extensive, their prices also drive toward being more pocket-friendly.

Quality Data

Drones are excellent for taking high-resolution aerial photographs and videos, allowing you to identify obstacles and take advantage of geospatial data. You can get 2D maps, interactive 3D models, and Orthomosaic and topographic surveys for up to 3cm accuracy.

Safer Work Environment

We ensure the safety of your surveyors and inspectors by flying drones safely in hard-to-reach places. It also keeps them away from dangerous hazards, such as oil and gas refineries, flare stacks, and high-rise buildings. So say goodbye to rope access, maintenance units, cranes, or scaffoldings.

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