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Drone Videography In Dubai

Are you looking for excellent videography services in Dubai to complement your commercial advertisement and marketing requirements? Learn a few helpful tips on how you can hire top-rated aerial videographers in the UAE. 

Everything is available to help capture the best moments through photography and videography. What seemed challenging years ago has become better and easier with advanced technology. 

Getting quality photographers and videographers with experience in aerial filming is challenging. Read on to learn a few helpful tips you can use to find not only a videographer but the best top-rated aerial videographers in the UAE.

License and Registration

When hiring an aerial videographer to conduct drone filming, there are certain things to be on the lookout for. A licensed videographer shows proof that they’ve been through the needed training on how to conduct aerial filming. 

Remember, there’s no harm in requesting the aerial videographer for documentation that confirms their status as approved videographers. Our certified aerial videographers will help take your business and its different projects to a different level.

Best Drone Videography Dubai

You get what you pay for

Before hiring an aerial videographer, at least know some factors that affect the cost of video production. While it’s tempting to run to the cheapest provider, remember that your goal should be quality and something you would like a few years later. 

Advanced technology makes it seem like all videography services will no longer be accessible in terms of cost. But our drone fleet services are pocket friendly. You will get quality for all your aerial videography needs. We have drones checked and licensed to fly to whatever heights during filming. 

Best Drone Videography Dubai, Uae

Do they understand your needs?

Besides asking the aerial videographer essential questions, they, too, should have questions to ask you before taking on the job. It would help if you had excellent videography services and some expectations and goals. 
At GIS Drones, we do not limit ourselves to the services we can offer you. Whether your videography needs are for public or private business, we have a team that’s up to the task and can deliver quality. We have a wide range of Drones & Aerial Services to help your business deliver.

Witnessing Testing & Commissioning in Dubai

Witnessing testing and commissioning is essential for property development projects to ensure that the work done is in accordance with health and safety standards. The witness has to take into account the local authority compliances as well to facilitate a risk-free completion of the project. 

Land Sterling offers witnessing testing and commissioning services in Dubai to assist property owners and developers to ensure that all the systems are delivered as per design specifications. 

Our certified building management experts oversee the testing and commission of proposed designs to ensure that they comply with health, safety, and regulatory standards. 

What are Testing and Commissioning?

Testing and commissioning are the processes of achieving, verifying, and documenting the performance of the proposed design solutions to ensure that they meet the client’s specifications. It is an all-inclusive process that involves planning as well as coordination. 

Land Sterling offers to witness testing and commissioning services to help schedule the entire process along with ensuring that the project meets the required safety and quality standards. 

Importance of Witnessing of Testing and Commissioning 

Witnessing testing and commissioning is essential for building development projects to ensure that the post-development results meet the specified goals. These services enable property owners to have peace of mind that their project will be completed as per the specified timeline while following the recommended safety, quality, and regulatory standards. 

We conduct testing and commissioning processes on our client’s behalf and record the results to make sure that the installed systems deliver the results that they are supposed to deliver in terms of facility operations.

What emotions should the video portray?

Ensure you work with an aerial videographer who knows how to create videos that evoke emotions. You are looking to capture moments, and anyone who will have an opportunity to view the completed video should be able to relate to every part of it. 

Our Drone Videography Dubai services are unique and can capture high-resolution photos and videos. You can rest assured that what we deliver suits different industries, including construction, mining, power, utilities, tourism, and many others. We always ensure to evoke the right emotions. 

The tips mentioned above are great and will help you hire the right aerial videographer for all your industry needs. A videographer who has been on the ground with certification will deliver beyond your expectations. 
If you are looking for Drone Videography services in Dubai for any industry and desire quality results, reach out to GIS Drones today, whose goal is nothing short of Drone-Powered Solutions delivery.

Why Choose Our Drone Videography Services?

GIS drones offer comprehensive witnessing of testing and commissioning schedule development and monitoring services to ensure that your project gets completed right on time. We also make sure that the result complies with the regulatory standards in Dubai. 

We have 12+ years of industry experience in working on various real estate solutions for residential and commercial properties. Our experts execute the complete testing and commissioning process for you to take the pressure off your shoulders.  

Contact GIS right now to get a free quote for our Witnessing of Testing & Commissioning services in Dubai, UAE.


The testing process comes before the commissioning process. Commissioning is done to prove that the system performs as per the design intent.

The primary idea behind commissioning is to ensure that the building and all its systems meet the client’s project requirements.

Acceptance testing is a test that tells you whether a system meets the regulatory or code requirements or not. The commissioning is about documenting the function testing and recommending to the owner about accepting or rejecting the installed system.

Building commissioning ensures a smoother building turnover, facilitates fewer project delays, reduces energy and operational costs, and more.

The aerial videographer will use low-flying aerial platforms supported by GIS and automated image processing. These tools are not only cost-efficient but also assist in ensuring video quality from the right angles.

A qualified videographer can still capture the best videos even without drones. Gimbals, natural formations, tall buildings, planes, and helicopters are ways to take the best videos from high levels.

An aerial shot is taken from an elevated vantage point to help users deeply understand a moment, literally and metaphorically. That’s why aerial videographers need to evoke the right emotions.

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