2 Blade vs 3 Blade Prop Quadcopter: Which Is Good For Inspection Drone?

The choice between a two-blade and a three-blade prop for a quadcopter can be a little confusing. In the drone community, this is a hot-button issue. However, the question remains unresolved despite everyone’s input.

What’s the difference between a two-blade and a three-blade quadcopter?

Propellers with two blades are more efficient in moving quickly. There is no time to waste with them. 3-blade propellers, on the other hand, are more stable and easier to control. You can go a little bit higher even for high elevation filming with them.

But when choosing your inspection drones, you need to know more. Guess what? GISDrones have the experience and expertise to work with both prop types. So it’s easier for us to tell you which one to pick.

2 Blade vs 3 Blade Prop Quadcopter: Which One to Pick

2 Blade vs 3 Blade Prop Quadcopter Which One to Pick - Geo Drones

The most efficient use of energy will be to use two blades. Since you can’t make the blades any longer, adding additional blades is possible if the drone needs a faster climb rate. The drawback is that it will diminish battery life and efficiency.

One blade might theoretically be the most efficient, but it would necessitate a counterweight to keep it balanced. It would nullify the advantage if the counterbalance had no surplus thrust, but this is merely an illustration of how more blades lead to greater efficiency.

The less efficient you become as you add more blades to your system. For the best efficiency, you’d prefer to have a few blades as possible, even if you have the power to drive them (or need to distribute the electricity).

2 Blade Prop For Drone

The name “2 blades” refers to the fact that these propellers have two blades. Drone propellers are more efficient when the number of blades is reduced, which is why two-blade propellers are more efficient than three-blade propellers when all other factors are equal.

Drones are propelled into the air via thrust. When the drone uses jab, it can overcome resistance and its weight, allowing it to ascend to greater heights. Even though a two-blade prop is more cost-effective, it delivers less thrust, rendering it ineffective for large drones with powerful motors.

Flying robots, such as drones, benefit significantly from the quick motor response provided by 2-blade propellers, although the full force generated by these propellers is less critical. A modest push is needed to move an ultralight racing drone, and two-blade propellers will increase reaction time and speed.


  • It is more efficient than a three-bladed machine.
  • It’s faster than a three-bladed rotor.
  • If your drone crashes, this prop will hold up better than a three-blade prop.
  • Drones with two propeller blades are much easier to fold.


  • Noisier propulsive design with two blades
  • The wind has a more significant impact on them.
  • Two-bladed propellers are less stable than three-bladed propellers.

3 Blade Prop For Drone

3 Blade Prop For Drone - Geo Drones

Thrust is increased by the three-bladed propeller’s arrangement of blades working together. Three-bladed propellers provide additional thrust, which is critical for getting your drone off the ground.

The more powerful motors and more tremendous amount of energy needed to create lift mean that manufacturers typically use three-blade props on larger drones. 3-blade prop drones are more stable because of their enormous thrust, making them feel more gripping when doing quick maneuvers.

Even if they aren’t perfectly balanced, three-bladed propellers can fly smoothly even when unbalanced. However, this is not the case with two-blade props. To fly smoothly, these must be perfectly balanced and in excellent condition, or they will start to produce unpleasant vibrations when spinning.


  • In terms of efficiency, thrust, and grip, a three-bladed propeller is an optimum option for most applications.
  • Using a three-bladed propeller ensures stable flying and smooth transitions from one flight path to the next.
  • It is much quieter than a two-blade propeller.
  • With three blades, the blade tips track better and are less impacted by the wind.


  • It is less efficient than a propeller with two blades.
  • It takes a long time.
  • A three-bladed propeller is too heavy to carry.
  • It’s more likely that these will be damaged in a collision.

Things To Consider For Perfect Prop Setting

Things To Consider For Perfect Prop Setting - Geo Drones

Your aircraft’s propellers (props) convert the spinning motor’s rotational energy into the lift. When it comes to fine-tuning the performance of your propulsion system, they are usually the simplest to adjust. Here are some things to keep in mind while purchasing a prop.


To generate the most lift, the pitch of your prop is the most critical component. Pitch refers to the blade’s angle relative to the prop shaft. The more lift you can generate at a given RPM by raising the prop’s pitch, the less efficient you will be.

The higher the pitch of your aircraft’s propeller, the faster it will fly. Conversely, the lower the pitch of your propeller, the longer it will hover in place.

The combination of a high-torque motor and a high-pitch propeller will allow your aircraft to fly quicker and more quickly. Make your aircraft more docile and easier to fly by doing the opposite.


In today’s market, polycarbonate is the material of choice for most props. Using different materials, colors, and components might result in a prop that is either more rigid or more pliable.

Drones can achieve faster speeds by using a more rigid prop, but it is also more likely to break in a collision.


It is possible to lessen vibrations by using properly balanced props. However, this will typically raise the cost. Your propulsion system’s efficiency will suffer if its props are out of balance.


Proper performance is mainly determined by the diameter of the blade. To maximize efficiency, the prop should be as long as possible. Make an effort to use the largest possible prop in your aircraft.


As a drone operators, we need to be familiar with the fundamentals of the autonomous vehicles we’re flying. Drone propellers are essential to a safe and effective flight every time.

Next time you are in a dilemma to picking between 2 blade vs 3 blade prop quadcopter, this article will come in handy for you. What do you think?

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