Aerial Filming In Dubai

Are you looking to capture some of the best shots from the air? Do you want perfect shots involving landscapes, moving objects, and even people? Learn more about the best Aerial Filming company in the UAE and some of its services. 

Aerial filming is the art of capturing images for a film using a drone and sometimes a helicopter. Drones are gaining popularity due to their ability to capture people, images, and moments that are not easy or obvious.

Drones can capture these memorable moments from a completely raised view and are mounted on a gimbal, ensuring they remain steady regardless of how high they fly. Read on to learn more about aerial videography in the UAE and how it helps to capture quality shots to suit your needs.

Importance of Aerial Filming

Aerial filming has an interesting history. While this method of capturing moments has been there over the years, technology continues to advance over time. Initially, photographers used helicopters and planes to capture images and films that needed a higher angle and level. Today, dubai drone filming company makes the work easier and even better, capturing some quality images. 

Here are a few reasons why aerial filming is growing in popularity in the film industry today.

Unique perspective

It would help if you used unique camera angles to capture the right moments in filming. These angles ensure that every aspect needed to make the moment unique is captured fully. Aerial filming is a unique method in the filmmaking industry.

The method enables you to capture images and moments otherwise impossible to capture from the ground. Our fpv filming drone services capture quality images at the best rates. Our aerial cinematographers can capture absolutely everything, from landscapes to anything in high-speed motion. 

Cost-effective technology

Perspective states that as technology advances, the services also become pricier. However, aerial filming states the opposite. The use of drone photography in Dubai and drone filming has drastically reduced the costs involved in filming. 

Initially, you would need to cater for fuel to keep the planes and helicopters in the air, and for the period the filming needed to run. Our drones eliminate unnecessary costs and have also helped many businesses access the benefits that aerial filming can provide. 


Among many things filmmakers need to learn are the secrets to capturing high-quality images. Safety is part and parcel of capturing quality images. Initially, aerial filming happened through the use of planes and helicopters.

Aviation is not always safe when using these two. However, drones in aerial filming are safe and can go as high as you want them to. Drones only need to be operated using the given safety guidelines. Following these guidelines helps us protect our filmmakers and drones. 

Many benefits come with utilizing aerial filming. You are not only guaranteed images and films you will want to look at all the time but also your safety and the safety of your equipment. 

Do you have a running project and feel aerial photography is a good direction? At GIS Drones, we are available and happy to take on the service for you. We are a full-time service, so we will not stop until the work is done. Reach out to us today or send us a direct message through WhatsApp. 

Frequently asked questions

Aerial filming happens from elevated points and helps image viewers deeply understand what’s happening below, literally and metaphorically, from the images and films.

Consider the golden hour. This hour has the sunlight rays softer and well-spread. When the light is soft, contrast and shadow length are reduced while increasing the quality and depth of the images.

A quality high-end drone can go anywhere between 2.5 to 4.5 miles. On the other hand, a toy drone that’s not intended for serious aerial filming can cover a range of 20 to 100 yards.

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