Choosing the Right Aerial Services Provider: What to Look For


Since its inception, drone technology has changed the face of commercial aviation. Drones offer businesses cost-effective surveillance and aerial imagery with greater precision and depth than traditional helicopters and aeroplanes. It has compelled businesses to incorporate unmanned air crafts in their portfolio.

The global drone market stood at USD 29.86 Billion in 2022. The market also projects a CAGR of 38.6% from 2023-2030. Drones are used in construction, agriculture, mining, urban planning, logistics, entertainment, law enforcement, and other industries. Below is the breakdown of their share in various businesses

If you are associated with any of these businesses, you should use drone photography to deliver the results. However, the first step towards implementing drone technology is finding the right aerial servicing provider. It can make or break your business upgradation. 

What to Look For While Choosing the Right Aerial Services Provider?

In the UAE, we have many companies offering drone photography and videography services. However, only some companies can provide quality services per your requirement. To find the right match, you should be careful while making this choice. This blog presents a 5-step formula to judge any company offering drone photography in Dubai and UAE; stay tuned.

1) Service Offerings

The step is to analyse what a company is offering. Drone companies provide surveying, mapping, inspection, aerial photography, videography, and 3D modelling. You should check the features provided in each field for your requirement.

You should also check their drone fleet and drone operators. A good company should have a variety of drones specialised for specific niches. Their flight time, angles, battery, and payloads should complement the desired operation. The last thing to check is whether a company can offer a customised solution. 

2) Safety Measures

Safety is one thing that is uncompromisable. You should ensure that the aerial service provider can provide safe drone flight while complying with the local aviation regulation. The general civil aviation authority in the UAE, GCCA, regulates drone flight operations.

Your aerial service provider should be registered with GCCA. Also, their drone pilots and crew members should also be trained and licensed by GCCA.  It lets a photographer capture images and videos without the risk of accidents.

3) Pricing and Value

Pricing is another critical element. The price should be transparent with no hidden charges. You should always compare the quoted price against other service providers. It will explain whether the price presented is reasonable or not.

Also, you should always check the price against the value addition. If a supplier is charging extra money for 3D Modelling or mapping, you should ask what additional features they bring.

4) Reputation and Experience

Before taking the final call, you should investigate the reputation of your service provider within the industry and community. For that, the best way is to collect client testimonials and reviews. They are the gateway to your possible experience. If the previous clients are happy, you should also expect satisfactory results.

Another way to determine the reputation of a service provider is to see their awards and recognition letters. Every provider displays such feats with pride. They are proof of their excellence in drone services. So, always check for their accolades in the field.

5) Customer Service and Communication

Customer care is a hallmark of any servicing business. You should immediately switch if your drone service provider isn’t responding to your needs and inquiries. Also, the service provider should be available on all communication channels like phone, email, social media platforms, and online portals for easy communication.

You should also confirm the availability of emergency services. So, if you get into an unfortunate accident or require an immediate flight path/duration change, you can get the required assistance. 

What are the Benefits of Hiring the Right Aerial Service Provider?

If you can find the right match, these are the benefits you can get from your aerial service provider.

  • It will fulfil your requirement without any complaints.
  • It will add value to your business.
  • It will kick start a long-term partnership based on trust and performance.
  • It will ensure safe drone flights.
  • The captured videos and images will be high-resolution, carrying all the key details.
  • It will save your active time.
  • It will save you money.


Selecting the right aerial service provider can decide the fate of your drone projects. Therefore, you should make an informed decision based on concrete evidence. To do that, an aerial service provider should be selected based on offered services, safety features, pricing, experience, peer reviews, and customer care.

If you are an Emirati looking to collaborate with an aerial service-providing company in Dubai or UAE, contact GIS Drones or call us at +97142561439. We can offer the region’s premiere drone services at your doorstep. Check out the GIS drone fleet capable of handling any commercial task with the help of our qualified and licensed operators.


There are four major challenges to drones as a service. They include; the availability of adequate licensed operators for scale operations, clarity about UAV flying regulations, dangers of invading people’s privacy during filming, and the impact of weather conditions on drone flight.

The drone services pride themselves on providing lightning-fast operations, low-cost compared to traditional air vehicles, and access to remote areas. It is the only aerial service that can compete with drones on these grounds.

Commercial drone service providers use four frequency bands; 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, 433MHz, and 915MHz. The high-budget drones operate on 2.4Hz and 5.8 Hz frequencies while the rest operate on 433 MHz and 915 MHz.

To analyse the dynamics of the commercial drone industry, Michael Porter has come up with a 5-point agenda. It evaluates a service based on competitive rivalry, the threat to entry, the possibility of substitutes, supplier power, and buyer power.

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