Costs of Aerial Photography: A Guide for Businesses and Individuals

Aerial photography is a valuable tool that businesses can use to keep track of their development projects. Drones capture high-definition photos and videos from a higher perspective which allows businesses to see their properties and track development project progress in real-time.

Aerial photography helps businesses make informed decisions about resource allocation, and about the changes to make to run their business operations effectively.

Aerial photography can help you with surveying and mapping as well. But still, the cost of aerial photography has always been a matter of concern. 

In this article, we are going to walk you through the concept of aerial photography and how you can navigate its costs the right way. 

What is Aerial Photography?

Aerial photography is a form of photography that uses aerial technology such as aircraft, helicopters, and drones to capture top-down images. Aerial photography technologies allow photographers to capture photos and videos of hard-to-reach places easily.

Aerial photography has been around for quite some time now, thanks to the unique perspective that it provides. It allows you to see places that would otherwise be difficult to see or reach from the ground. 

Aerial photography is useful in a number of ways such as for surveying land, mapping, and monitoring development projects.

Aerial Photography Using Drones

Drone photography has become one of the most popular ways to capture images of a wide range of subjects, from people to real estate as well as vast pieces of land. Drone technology has numerous applications in the personal and professional domains for capturing photos and videos.

Drones are widely used for aerial photography in a variety of ways. These include capturing formal and informal events, recording project developments and conducting asset inspections. 

Benefits of Aerial Photography Using Drones

Some of the most prominent benefits of drone photography are as follows:

  • Aerial photography provides an extremely detailed and accurate view of hard-to-reach areas in traditional photography.
  • Drones can work in a number of ways such as for photographing events as well for business asset inspection purposes.
  • Aerial photography using drones offers safety when it comes to photographing hazardous or hard-to-reach locations. 
  • Drones offer a wide range of valuable applications such as real-time mapping and monitoring, video production, and conducting disaster relief work.

Navigating the Costs of Aerial Photography

Costs of aerial photography vary a lot based on the complexity of the project, It also depends on the quality of the equipment used, and the location that you need to photograph.

Also, drone photographers may need to pay for copyright permissions and other associated expenses. Below are some of the most important factors that affect the cost of aerial photography:

Type of Job

The cost of aerial photography varies based on the nature of the project. For example, the cost of drone surveys would be different than doing photography for weddings and corporate events. 

Drone jobs vary a lot based on the industry and the cost of services vary as well, as per the type of drone application you want for your business.

Personnel Requirements

A drone job is not always a solo role, even if there’s only one drone. Sometimes the drone must fly away from the pilot, which is always done by another person to ensure that there is a visual line of sight. 

If you require multiple drones, then you’d need more pilots to handle them effectively. The overall costs would depend on the personnel required to run the entire operation.


The location of your project site plays a role in determining the final price of your project. If the pilot has to travel more than a certain distance, typically, they will charge you an extra fee per mile. 

Feed Quality

The cost of aerial photography varies based on the feed quality that you want for your project. Drones that offer higher resolution photos and videos would cost more for the same projects, than the drones that offer standard print quality.


Drone flying expertise can have a huge impact on the final product. Experienced services know how to navigate the challenges when flying a drone. 

They can help you get better results in record time. Inexperienced services might be cheaper, but if you want consistent results, going with experienced drone pilots would be your ideal option. 

Video Feed Processing

Editing drone footage requires a specific set of skills. Video editors and photography experts can handle video feed processing for you. The cost for aerial photography would depend on the kind of editing you want for your drone footage. 


Although aerial photography is a cost-effective way to capture photographs of target locations, it is hard to pinpoint the exact cost of services before analyzing the project details. But still, with careful planning, using aerial photography can help businesses and individuals save time and money.Visit GIS Drones to learn more about aerial photography and its applications for individual and business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aerial photography generally costs more than traditional photography methods. Although you can bring down the costs a lot with drone aerial photography. 

A number of different factors influence drone filming prices including the job type, location, and nature of the aerial photography event.

It depends on the purpose for which you want to use the drone. For example, drones for shooting wedding images and videos would require a different set of specifications than the ones used for business purposes. So, the choice of a drone depends on the photography application. 

The cost of photogrammetry services varies based on the nature and specifics of the surveying and mapping project. 

Photography using drones offers you a unique perspective to capture a moment or an event. The versatile nature of drones makes them ideal for individual and business purposes. 

Applications of drone aerial photography include formal and informal event coverage, mapping, surveying, and environmental monitoring.

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