Aerial Survey with Drones

Are you trying to capture aerial data and looking for the best equipment? Learn more about how aerial drone surveying can help provide accuracy with your data.

GIS professionals receive tremendous benefits by using drones to conduct data surveys. The greatest enemy of data is inaccuracy. What happens when there’s so little time but so much data to collect and present? 

Drones come in handy and have surpassed traditional methods of aerial data collection by far. Read on to learn more about drone aerial surveying in Dubai and the benefits of this data collection method. 

Best Drones Aerial Survey in Dubai

Data collected will only sell if it’s accurate and quality. AT GIS Drones, you can expect this type of data while using drones for aerial surveying. GIS uses high-quality topographic maps with an experienced team, allowing them to submit needed data to clients at the appropriate time. 

Why choose our Drones Aerial Survey Services?

Suppose you are looking for a team of drone experts who can assist with drone surveying and mapping services. Look no further. Here is why GIS drones in Dubai are your absolute choice.

Quicker permits

Gis Drones has a team that seeks approvals from civil aviation and defense authorities. The shorter timelines allow quick work on assigned surveying and mapping projects, eventually allowing for in-time deliveries. 

Industry’s best drones in the fleet

For the most accurate data, your equipment needs to be tried, tested, and confirmed to be of excellent service. GIS drones provide a fleet of drones with the latest advancements, including high-capacity cameras, to ensure that the data collected is high quality. 

Accurate data processing and delivery

When you have back-to-back projects, you need the assistance of a team and system that help not only deliver them on time but also ensure that everything needed for the project’s success is captured during the survey and mapping. 

GIS Drones have a team assigned to ensure everything runs smoothly. The team ensures that the data collected during the drone mapping and surveying is analyzed and that any content not needed is filtered out before delivery. 

Speedy data acquisition

Nothing slows down the implementation of a project like slowing down data acquisition. The same may lead to loss of business and other incurred losses. GIS Drones ensure that their already trained experts use the Drones used in Surveying and Mapping. These experts ensure that aerial videography data is collected efficiently, quickly, and in time for delivery. 

Data accuracy is the secret to the successful implementation of any project. You require a team of experts who understand the basics of proper drone surveying and mapping to ensure all the information is accurate for presentation and delivery. 

Find out what aerial mapping with drones is used for

If you are looking for help with your surveying and mapping needs, GIS Drones are your go-to people. They are equipped with the expertise to help offer a wide range of drone surveying and mapping services to firms in the public and private sectors. Contact them today and get a quote.

Frequently asked questions

If using drones for RF communication, you can track them using RS sensors. Other drones are GPS pre-programmed and can also be tracked using Radar detection.

For excellent aerial surveying and mapping results, ensure that the drone fleet has a frequency of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. Such frequencies allow for minimal errors and prioritize the accuracy of data.

Drones can be used to obtain survey images from multiple vantage points. The places where these drones are used to survey should make sure that the data they collect is accurate and good.

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