Drones for Aerial 360° Video

Drones for Aerial 360o Video Services in UAE

GIS Drones is the leading aerial 360o videography service in UAE with extensive experience in capturing immersive 360o drone shots for formal and business events. We use high-end drones for commercial and residential filming purposes, focusing solely on creating an immersive experience for the viewers. 

We have a team of well-equipped pilots with years of practical experience in handling state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Our Drones for Aerial 360 Video services are ideal for event coverage, inspections, live streaming, and live surveillance.  

Immersive 360o Videography with High-End Drones

Immersive 360o Videography with High-End Drones

Our high-end drone fleet captures high-resolution aerial videos for your personal or corporate events. Our 360 videography services are aimed at creating an immersive experience for the viewers while ensuring the safety of the personnel at the same time. 

Our UAV pilots are adept at handling drone videography challenges. They can help you produce interactive 360-degree videos for your project in a seamless way. With over a decade of experience in drone photography and videography, we have the knowledge and expertise to make any 360 drone videography project successful. 

Why Choose Our Services?

12+ Years of Industry Experience

We have over 12 years of experience providing professional drone videography services for commercial and residential purposes. This is what enables us to deliver an exceptional quality of services. 

Commercial Aerial 360o Video Production

We are experts in commercial aerial 360o video production for real estate properties. We help businesses keep track of their real estate development projects and film stunning 360o drone shots for capturing real estate portfolios.  

Residential Aerial 360o Video Production

Our drone aerial 360o video production services are ideal for residential real estate sellers who want to create an interactive video to showcase their property to potential clients. 

Live Event Coverage & Streaming

We offer live streaming and event coverage services for personal and corporate events. We can help you capture 360o videos for your events and set up the live streaming channels as per your preference. 

Why Choose Our Services - GIS Drones Dubai, UAE

The Aerial 360 Video Experience

The Immersive Nature of Aerial 360 Video

Aerial 360 video, an avant-garde technique, captures a complete 360-degree view of its surroundings. This immersive format empowers viewers to examine every aspect of the scene, providing an unrivaled experience perfect for virtual tours and beyond.

Benefits of Aerial 360 Video

Aerial 360 video offers numerous advantages, such as heightened engagement, as viewers can dictate their perspective, and improved representation of spaces and environments—a crucial aspect for industries like real estate and tourism.

Utilizing Drones for Aerial 360° Video

Drone Varieties

The market has diverse drones, each boasting unique features and capabilities. Popular models for aerial cinematography include the DJI Phantom series, DJI Mavic series, and Autel Robotics EVO.

Drone Advantages in Aerial 360° Video

Drones yield numerous benefits for aerial cinematography, including cost-effectiveness, maneuverability, and accessibility to hard-to-reach locations. They also offer a stable platform for capturing high-quality aerial 360 videos, culminating in professional-grade footage for your projects.

Contact GIS Drones for Aerial 360o Video Services in UAE

GIS Drones has a team of qualified drone pilots and video production experts who capture stunning 360o drone shots for you and convert them into high-resolution videos that capture your audience’s attention. Our expert drone videography services are ideal for commercial and residential 360o aerial videography projects. 

Get in touch with GIS Drones for aerial 360o video services in UAE.


Drones offer an aerial perspective that feels more immersive than on-ground videography. Plus, aerial drone videography costs way less than helicopter video shots. This is what makes drone videography worth it.

Drones are extensively used for aerial shooting purposes for personal and corporate event coverage, conducting inspections and surveys, and capturing real estate videos and development projects. 

Drone use cases in the filming industry include 360o aerial videography, remote location scouting, building shot lists, and more.

The cost of drone aerial 360o video services depends on the nature and the difficulty of the aerial videography project.

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