A Simple Review Of Drone Aerial Photography For Construction!

Drones are something we are used to in the 21st century, with millions being sold worldwide with hobbyists and professionals lining up to buy the latest models. While drones did start as a hobby item, the number of sUAS (Small Unmanned Aerial Systems) for drone inspection services has been increasing steadily. It is now standard for industries to adopt drones for aerial photography for several sectors, including construction.

Construction drone aerial photography now has almost entirely replaced the need for human-crewed flights. At GIS Drones, we specialize in providing high-end drone inspection services to companies in the Middle East. One of the services we specialize in is construction aerial drone photography.

So we know all there is to know about it. Due to our experience in the field, we know all there is to know about construction aerial photography and created a simple review of the service to ensure you understand what you are getting yourself into. So without further delay, let’s check it out!

What Is Construction Drone Aerial Photography?

Aerial construction photography is a professional drone inspection service designed to help builders see construction projects differently. It provides a top-down view that can alert contractors to potential problems before they occur. Construction aerial drone photography is the perfect tool developers, and construction companies need to help line up plans to reality.

Before drones, aerial services were an expensive endeavor, but drones have become a part of reality now. It has become far more accessible and less costly. With the help of drone inspection, long gone are the days where construction site photography required crewed airplanes to fly over.

The cost of getting aerial photography was high before as it included a host of different expenses like paying the pilot, the fuel, the equipment, and the photography. Now that you know what construction drone aerial services constitute, let’s check out all the benefits of construction drone aerial photography!

What Are The Benefits of Construction Drone Aerial Photography?

Construction drone aerial photography provides far more excellent support than being a cost-effective solution when it comes to benefits. The true potential of aerial drone photography can be seen in the results of their work. So here are some benefits of construction drone aerial photography!

Accuracy of Surveys

With drones, you can cover an entire construction site in minutes for construction aerial photography. It would take hours to complete a thorough sweep with an inspection crew, but now with drones, there’s no need for a large team, and it can be done within minutes.

It’s a sure-fire way to save money and time while also providing a superior product for construction superintendents. Another added benefit is getting much closer to the ground than you can with a crewed flight. That means better quality data for inspection with increased resolution in the photography and videos you order.

It’s Much Safer

When it comes to UAVs(Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or drones, it’s much safer than operating manned crafts. With drones, you can now complete construction site photography without risking the lives of anyone because drones have never caused any significant injuries or deaths.

Better Communication & Coordination

Drone aerial photography is your best option when it comes to getting a bigger picture view of a construction job site. It takes the guesswork out of monitoring an entire job site, especially if your job site is acres across. A single drone can cover it in minutes.

What Are The Uses of Drone Aerial Photography In Construction?

As you already know, aerial imaging is an efficient, cost-effective option that allows contractors and land developers to manage stages of the construction progress effectively. It provides valuable data on everything from planning to completion while keeping timelines on schedule, staying within budget, and providing accurate information to stakeholders as the project moves forward.

It doesn’t matter if the project is an industrial refinery, commercial real estate complex, or residential housing development. Drone inspection services will capture every angle of the project and integrate various technologies used for a host of different services. Here are some of the things that construction drone aerial photography can offer!

Land Mapping

You can fit drones with LiDAR technology and introduce high-resolution RGB, infrared, and other data capturing methods that can map hundreds of acres per day. You can use the datasets to create highly accurate topographic maps and/or site overviews. It will ensure you better grasp the terrain, can more effectively plan your development and building locations, and provide clients with up-to-date and exact information.

Ground Quality Assessments

Ground Quality Assessments - Geo Drones


With high-end technology like thermal and multispectral imaging, to determine comprehensive details and assess the soil and ground quality data before breaking ground. Drone aerial inspection can help even after project completion. You can use drones to help detect heat loss and water leaks within the buildings.

Construction Bid Packages

Construction Bid Packages - construction drone services - Geo Drones

Usually, most construction bid packages contain preliminary drawings or FEED sketches. With construction drone aerial photography, you will be able to generate highly detailed imagery and data to deliver a precise, accurate bid package with fewer exclusions due to previously unknown variables.

Project Management & Monitoring

Construction aerial photography drones are equipped with advanced visualization tools that provide invaluable aerial images and can inspect assets up-close. These drones can improve the way progress is monitored, tracked, and documented without any doubt during a construction project.

Project Management & Monitoring - Geo Drones

The overall comprehensive drone inspection services are fantastic for project management and monitoring because they capture the project from various angles, altitudes, and distances. That way, you can project from a variety of angles, altitudes, and distances. It also provides you with secure, time-stamped visual documentation.

Site Inspections

Site Inspections - construction aerial photography - Geo Drones

Going for inspections with a staffed team around the construction site is time-consuming and can even turn very dangerous. That’s where construction aerial photography comes in. These drones ensure the comprehensive, in-depth inspection that a project requires while also creating a safer environment for your crew.

Marketing & Promotions

Drone aerial photography can help with a wide range of things, and that includes marketing and promotions. You will be able to showcase the completed project and create gorgeous brochures and marketing materials accompanied by aerial images that capture every angle, show a sense of scale while also including the surrounding area and community.

Drone Topographical Mapping For Dredging Projects

Along with the traditional construction, aerial photography services, drones can also be used by local governments and private contractors for dredging projects before land restoration and real estate development to provide critical data in less time.

It works perfectly for coastal restoration projects. If it’s structured based on the amount of material deposited, you can scan the area and convert the data into accurate topographic maps that calculate the volume of material deposited. It also expedites the surveying process and minimizes time and cost.

Comprehensive Drone Inspection Services

So there you go. That concludes the simple review of drone construction aerial photography. As you can see, with the right drone inspection services, you can take your construction project to new heights. Now, to integrate aerial photography into your projects, you may need to operate a fleet of drones, which can become an exorbitant cost for your operation.

That’s where the professional drone inspection services of Geo Drones can help you. We have a fleet of drones fitted with cutting-edge technology that provides top-notch construction aerial photography for your construction sites. So if you need comprehensive drone aerial services, contact us, and we will help you out.

Also, if you have any questions regarding our drone fleet or have questions about our drone inspection services, feel free to drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our socials, and we will clear everything up for you. And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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