Software for 3D modeling

What is 3D modeling?

3D modeling refers to creating a digital space for real-world objects. The software allows the customers, designers, partners, and other stakeholders to interact virtually with a property. Technology will become the next big leap towards revolutionising the real estate world.

The 3D software specialises in aerial photogrammetry, which enables them to convert drone images into 3D models. They can convert mansions, vast land, villas, multi-story towers, and any other residential or commercial property into a digital twin

What are the applications of 3D Modeling Software?

Software for 3d modeling equips you to cope-up with the ever-changing real estate world. 

According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2021, 97% of home buyers searched online for a new home. 

Other surveys depict that online websites have become an essential marketing tool for real estate. The future of real estate marketing lies in dominating the digital world.  

Modeling software provides the best visuals to garb online attention. That implies whether you are a property owner or a real estate professional ( agent, broker, or consultant), using 3D software to earn a handsome profit and ROI is essential.

3D modeling software can play a vital role in the following ways:

Property Inspections

A 3D model puts a digital replica in your digital device. In the modern world, people need more time for frequent physical visits to a property. With 3D software, you can watch it whenever you want and from anywhere worldwide.

Real Estate Marketing

3D modeling takes the property listing game to the next level. You can show real-time views from the interior, exterior, roof, and all places that old-school cameras can’t visit or capture.

Any property ad with a detailed listing will grab more attention, increasing the probability of deal closures.  

Construction Monitoring

As an architect or property owner, staying updated about ongoing construction is vital. With real-time 3D modeling, you can keep track of project execution, quality of work, timelines, and any deviations from standards.    

Property Management

3D modeling can be of great service to property managers. The professionals can manage maintenance activities, installed facilities, utilities, property outlook, tenant experience, and future improvements.

Land Surveying

With 3D software, you can do a virtual survey of any property worldwide and visualise its current condition and surroundings. This information is helpful for property valuation and finance negotiation.

What are the Key Features to look for in 3D modeling software?

When it comes to 3D modeling software, there are plenty of options available in the market. However, you should set up selection criteria to make the right choice.

These features make 3D modeling software stand out. 

Quality of 3D Videos and Images

All 3D software is not the same. In low-quality software, the 3D images get distorted from the ends. Similarly, a specific software can only manage still 3D images; they aren’t capable of making virtual tours, property guides, and future extension videos. 

Good software must produce sharp-looking, realistic, and high-quality 3D images and videos of your property.

360 Degree View

The software should capture a property from all angles mainly because recommended camera angles differ for interior, exterior, stairs, driveway, and top of your buildings. You need allowance for eye level, low angle or top shots, etc., to know which angle fits your purpose. 

Extensive Static Renderings

Rendering makes an image realistic. Since 3D is all about giving a real-life feel, the software should allow extensive static rendering. A rendered image gets noticed, resulting in more views and potential customers.

This is how a perfectly rendered image looks:

3d modeling software

Attention to Detail- Display everything

The secret of effective real estate marketing lies in projecting and glorifying every minute detail about a property. The more detail your audience knows about the concept, building design, and installed facilities, the better it is. It allows them to make accurate valuations and final decisions. The entire chain starts from the ad.

Quality software should depict every corner with realistic light, space, colour, texture and rendering. 

Customised Branding 

Premium software should allow adverts with customised logos and design templates. A property listing with a unique logo looks original and authentic. Such ads grab viewers’ attention and are likely to provide a higher return on investment.

Compatibility with associated Software

The 3D software should be compatible with other software, and it helps in delivering the right message. For example, if 3D software collaborates with google maps, you can highlight geo-positioning and locational of a property. Similarly, compatibility with drone cameras and video editing software helps generate the best picture quality.  

How to choose the right 3D modeling software?

To select the right software, you should consider the follow this 7-point formula:

  1. Always learn about the offered features.
  2. Verify whether the offered scope fulfils your requirement. 
  3. Consider the experience and number of previous projects.
  4. Look for online reviews and directly contact the users.
  5. Compare the pricing with current market rates.
  6. Check the compatibility with the hardware.
  7. Give importance to ease of usage.

If you are a UAE resident, reach out to GIS Drones. We provide UAE’s premium 3D modeling services across the region for residential and commercial purposes. Contact here to get your 3D modeling software.


3D modeling software has proven to be a game changer in real estate. You can create digital replicas of any property with reality-based viewing. The software facilitates property inspections, real estate marketing, construction monitoring, and land surveying. 

Every real estate professional should use this technology and stay ahead of the competition. This blog presents a complete guideline on how you can choose the best software as per your requirement. Do read it, and let’s know your thoughts on this topic. 


3D modeling provides a detailed design, which 2-D sketches can’t. Modeling is beneficial for construction engineers, real estate developers, brokers, and property owners to carry out their duties.

GIS Drones provides UAE’s best 3D modelling service. We use state-of-the-art facilities to convert high-resolution drone images into 3D models with 100% accuracy.

The price of software depends upon the size of the property, standard features, and incorporating any customised requirements. For exact pricing, visit the GIS Drones website or call us at 97142561439.

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