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  • Almost 100% Accuracy
  • State-of-the-art Equipment
  • Faster Data Acquisition
  • Team of Drone Experts
  • Dedicated Client Service

How to inspect your building exterior quickly and efficiently?

Drone Facade Inspection

Carrying out a physical inspection at a busy construction site can be dangerous and may raise various safety concerns. With the use of industrial drones to carry out inspection works, precise and accurate visual data can be acquired with ease; the data collected can be used for a myriad of purposes.

Building Facade Inspection

Conventional building inspection would require the erection of a scaffolding which can be time-consuming, costly, and risky. The use of a drone would eliminate those problems. By identifying potential building issues through thermal imaging analysis, faults can be rectified accordingly.

Roof Top Inspection

Maintenance inspection on high structures such as towers, roofs and bridges incur extra costs, and cause issues of access arrangement and personnel working at height. Drone inspection provides the fastest and easiest solution to acquire details of the structures; the engineer on the ground can receive real-time footage during the process.

Manual Facade Inspection

  • Manual Process
  • Not 100% Visual Inspection
  • Human Error
  • Expensive Equipment & Logistics
  • Long Inspection Lead Time
  • Coordination & Adminstrative Work
  • Documentation & Archival Challenges
  • Tedious Setup


Per Building


Manual Inspection vs. Drone Inspection

Pain Areas (Manual Inspection)

  • Manual Process & Tedious Setup
  • Can’t Visually Reach 100%
  • Long Inspection Lead Time
  • Human Errors
  • 4 Weeks To Conduct Visual Inspection
  • Expensive Equipment & Logistics
  • Documentation Challenges

Solution (Drone Inspection)

  • 3 Days of Drone Inspection & Reporting
  • 50% Lower Costs in Building Inspection
  • Live-stream during drone inspection
  • Digital Inspection Reports
  • Online Platform for defect mapping
  • Increased Worker Skills
  • 80% Productivity For Visual Inspection

Automating and Digitizing Building Facade Inspections

GisDrones Facade Inspection platform is capable of detecting over 30 building and facade defect types, including cracks, corrosion, & paint peeling.

Take Your Work to New Heights

The pain points of inspection the building using the conventional methods

Most inspections are carried out by people, which is costly, risky, and tedious. The process of marking out defects, taking photos and churning out a report is taking from 4-8 weeks depending on the building dimension

GIS Drones Drone Facade Inspection platform, which is operated by a one or two-man team, aims to slash the time taken to a few days using AI to mark facade defects.

GIS Drones Facade Inspection Platform

Asset Visualisation

Visualize how your building change over time
View 3D models of your buildings

Dashboard and Reporting

Draw insightful information on building defects
Gain oversight on building portfolio
Identify trends of building defects
PDF report generation

Document & Content Management

Dedicated and secure data repository for building data
Multiple data formats, images, PDFs videos, etc

Automated Defect Identification

System auto-location and tagging of defects on elevation plan sales identification and classification (computer vision)

30 Types of building defects and Façade materials that can be detected.

  • Concrete Crack
  • Water Stains
  • Paint Peeling
  • Molding
  • Rust
  • Loose Sealant
  • Mold on Facade Rubber Gasket
  • Concrete Spalling
  • Paint Crack
  • Buckling
  • Vegetation
  • Disengagement
  • Wall Tile Crack
  • Corrosion
  • Surface discoloration
  • Brick Wall Crack
  • Missing facade attachment
  • Condensation
  • Water Ponding
  • Wall Opening
  • Streak marks
  • Worn Off Sealant
  • Trash
  • Water Leakage
  • Roof Tile Crack
  • Glass Crack
  • Paint Blisters
  • Block Wall Crack
  • Stains
  • Cracks

Use Case of a full building inspection

FROM (Manual)

  • Paper-driven inspection reports
  • Incoherent defect labeling and identification
  • 4 weeks to conduct visual inspection

TO (Drones)

  • Digital inspection reports System-located defect
  • Mapping on Ortho-Facades
  • 3 days of inspection and reporting.

Drone Inspection Service


Our solution improves safety by reducing work-at-height incidents through automated drone inspections that can reach elevated and hard to access areas.


Accelerate the building inspection process by over 70%. Automated drone scans and machine-learning for quicker inspection turn-around times.


Scale your facility management and operational processes through actionable insights. Access the platform through web and mobile everywhere and anytime.


Reduction of labor and equipment costs by over 50%. Achieve cost-savings throughout the building lifecycle.


Reduce human errors during building condition assessments through image analytics, digital workflows, documentation, and inspection visibility.

Validated by Professional Engineers

Our AI-enabled inspection results are reviewd and validated by Professional Engineers from the building and construction industry.

Frequently Asked Questions


It’s an inspection that put focus on the entire building envelope to identify defects and anomalies such cracks, corrosions and leaks

GisDrones uses machine learning algorithms to speed up the process of anomaly identification and provides an overview of defects on web-based dashboards. Automated generated reports in various formats are also available for download highlighting issues found on a building in a fraction of a time compared to current manual inspection processes.

Most solutions in the market are manual and require expensive scaffoldings, robes or cranes. The rare few that do engage drones are still very manual, requiring manual inspection of the images and data collected. GisDrones automates the interpretation of the data and reporting through automated workflows reducing the time taken by over 80%. Our clients have experienced over 50% cost savings and most importantly mitigate safety challenges with work-at-height.

Schedule a call with GisDrones which will help you with the end-to-end process and provide you a detailed inspection report for your maintenance team

Contact us so that we can share real-life case studies of the Facade Inspection at

GIS Drones prices are affordable. After conducting the market research, we are confident that the total drone inspection cost will be at least 50% less than the manual inspection cost.

You will receive an inspection report that detects 30 types of anomalies and defects of the building exterior. The anomalies will be identified according to their severity level and will be marked accurately and graphically on the building faces for easy identification. And you will have access to the platform 24/7.