Drone Photography In Dubai

Are you in UAE and have an upcoming event in which you would like to enlist drone photography and videography services? The article highlights what you need to know to make an informed choice.  

UAE is famed globally as a leading country in promoting drone technology. Several government bodies work closely to ensure Dubai’s sky is accessible and safe for drone photography and videography.  

Dubai is popularly known for its conducive business environment, and drone technology services is no exception. Aerial photography and videography regulations are efficient, precise, 

well-established, and in line with international drone technology regulatory standards. 

Drone Photography

What is Drone Photography?

Aerial photography is a technology that captures images from a remote-controlled and unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Drone photography captures aerial images that may be difficult to capture from the ground. 

Why Use Drones for Photography?

Highlighted below are some of the reasons why you should opt for drone services instead of human photography.

  • Aerial photography is cost-effective compared to manned aircraft photography. 
  • For superior images, GIS Drones use High-quality professional equipment.
  • Drones have smart control features like obstacle avoidance sensors, and Vision Positioning Systems (VPS) that are easily accessible by remote control.
  • Aerial photography captures unique vantage points and enhances the visual experience. 
  • Aerial photography does not have the limitation of physical constraints usually experienced with camera tracks, camera cranes, and Steadicam.
Drone Photography Services In Dubai

How Photographers Use Drones

Aerial photography is useful in capturing images in various forums, such as the ones stipulated below;

Event Photography

Aerial photography efficiently captures unobstructed vantage shots in special events like sports and weddings. 

Real estate photography

Drone photography enables realtors to capture an aerial perspective of properties for sales and marketing. 

In media

Previously, journalists would use planes and helicopters for aerial shots. Drones have eliminated these cumbersome and expensive journalism duties.  

To capture images in inaccessible, conflict and disaster zones

Drones are unmanned and remote-controlled hence able to access rugged terrains and natural disaster zones and collect information about a current situation. 

Best Drone Photography Services in Dubai

Drone photography is an excellent alternative to human photography. Aerial photography is cost-effective, operated by professionals, and produces high-quality images. Even as you consider aerial photography, it is worth to note, in the UAE, you need a permit to fly a drone.

If you have an event that requires photography, consider aerial photography for its myriad benefits. Contact us at GIS Drones for the best drone filming services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) and General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) prohibit flying drones over, around, and near sensitive locations, airports, and palaces. To identify the no-fly zones, please use this link to view the map and fly zone color legend, https://www.gcaa.gov.ae/en/Pages/Noflyzone.aspx

It is not advisable to fly a drone over a crowd under the drone’s company service provider. In an event where there is a need to fly over people, the drone can use existing crowd corridors within the area. It is also prudent to use lighter and small drones for events with crowds.