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We are a full-service drone-powered solutions company based in Dubai. We supply quality drone services to Businesses and Media.

Drone Services

Aerial Surveying & Mapping

GIS Drones aim to provide clear-cut Aerial Drone Surveying and Mapping services across the UAE and the Middle East.

We are well-versed in drone technology in market developments, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Operations, surveying, mapping, surveillance and AI-based drone data analysis and processing, just a few of the services we offer.

Drone Services

Drone Facade Inspection

This is the process of verifying the integrity of a building structure and ensuring safety for its occupants and people within its vicinity by using drones. Carrying out a physical inspection at a busy construction site can be dangerous and raise various safety concerns.

Drone Services

D Mapping, 3D Modelling & Digital Twin

Add an extra dimension to inspection and data visualization.

GIS Drone relies on industry-standard UAVs with a high-resolution camera capable of collecting 20-megapixel aerial images for commercial photogrammetry mapping.

Drone Services

Aerial Drone Inspection

Start using Aerial Drone Inspection and begin the journey toward increased efficiency, greater safety, and reduced risk of assets.

Our advanced drones can transmit data from potentially hazardous areas via Aerial Inspection services without risking the worker’s life and health. The process also reduces the associated costs and the number of people needed on the ground.

Drone Services

Drone Data Processing & Inspection Reports

Our data management platform provides complete drone inspection coverage with imagery, videos, and 2D / 3D Drone models – all in one place.

Drone Services

Solar Panels Inspection

Ensure the most effective energy outcomes from solar panels without burning resources in inspection and repair while keeping people safe.

Our revolutionary Drone Solution helps solar farm owners achieve optimum efficiency, energy output, and a faster return on investment from their solar farms.

Drone Services

Oil & Gas Assets Inspection

Keep the downtime minimum with high-end drone solutions for your assets.

GIS Drones accelerate site, and asset inspections, decrease immediate risk to workers and enhance team communication through aerial inspection, surveying & mapping, 3D models, and critical integrations to automate analysis and reporting.

Drone Services

Overhead Powerline Inspection

Drone flights keep an eye on the infrastructure to make the power flow uninterrupted.

When it comes to the reliability and security of electricity infrastructure, nothing is more critical than regular inspections. Still, they sometimes put the inspector in danger.

Drone Services

Infrastructure Multi Assets Inspection

Faster and affordable inspection of structural assets that ensure safety and integrity. Drones are expanding from minor cell damage in a windmill propeller to large-scale leakages in a gas plant. Meanwhile, the UAVs help urban and rural communities by monitoring their essential assets like electric lines, street lamps, road signs, and many more.

Drone Services

Drone Filming & FPV

High-resolution images from the best angels at an affordable cost.

Drone videos taken from the air offer a unique perspective. It allows you to capture high-definition (HD), ultra-high-definition (UHD), and even ultra-high-resolution (8K) footage.

Drone Services

Coral Reef Habitat Mapping & Inspection

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has some of the Middle East’s most significant coastal and marine environments, including coral reef coasts and the islands that flank it.

Despite facing multiple threats, such as urban and industrial expansion and climate change, these reefs have the world’s lowest bleaching and mortality rates.

Succesful Case Studies

Saadiyat Island Topography Survey

Saadiyat Island is one of the prime locations in Abu Dhabi. Many earth-moving activities spread across 700 hectares of land require a periodic report of quantities. But the island is natural and untouched. The land contains tens and hundreds of ponds,…read more

RTA Cycle Track

Topographical surveying and Mapping of the study area were performed using a UAV and Visual Payload mounted underneath. This solution will allow Customers to recreate an accurate Orthophoto, DSM, and DTM, enabling customer….read more

Hydrography Survey for ELS Golf Club

GIS Drones were permitted to conduct a Bathymetric Survey Demo by The ELS Club, Dubai, for the lakes inside the golf course. GIS Drones team visited the club in January 2021 for the demo. The on-site data collection commenced…read more

Masdar Solar Panel Inspection

GIS Drones received a project involving the Thermography of photovoltaic modules at the Masdar PV Plant. There were conventional Alternatives available, but here’s how the team at GIS Drones completed the project in less time, at a fraction…read more

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Our drone fleet is more like family at GIS Drones, every drone is different and perfect for set task. Every drone is checked and registered with all local goverenments and every pilot that fly’s our drone’s is background checked and licensed to fly.