Drones Building Inspection

The Rise of Drones in Building Inspection

Defect inspection is a standard part of building maintenance. Drones enable you to undertake this maintenance role fast and effectively. The UAVs collect visual data on the condition of the building, transmitting it in real-time or later depending on their cameras.

Some buildings are made in ways and have conditions that make it dangerous for inspectors to go into some parts of the building. For example, some may be too hot or have toxic gas leaks. Drones can access all parts of these structures without posing a risk to the inspector.

At GIS Drones, we offer high-quality drone building inspection services. Our UAVs gather all the external information necessary. Furthermore, we have caged drones that can reach inaccessible areas such as elevator shafts.

Professional Pilots, Engineers, and Support Staff

We understand that a UAV may not achieve much unless a skilled pilot is flying it. This is why we have invested in highly trained and experienced pilots. Our pilots are experienced in different types of building inspection, and they know where to focus on each case.

Furthermore, we have both software and hardware engineers on staff. The engineers help us to maintain, improve, and customize our UAVs. Because they are always ready to go, our drones have almost no downtime and are always set up for the job at hand.

Our support staff helps us set up inspections, answer questions from clients, and solve any problems that come up. This team gives our clients an all-around trouble-free experience.

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    Why Our Drones Building Inspection Service is the Best

    The drone company’s efficiency determines the quality of your images and the quality of your surveying and mapping reports. The business model we offer at GIS Drones guarantees the best results in drone facade inspection as well as other external and internal inspections for the following reasons.

    Fast Delivery

    Our drones are easy to fly and equipped with superior imaging technology. They can transmit real-time images and information, such as temperatures and gases in buildings. Because of this, the inspector can change the flight path to look at some areas more closely.

    Furthermore, the information acquired by drones is immediately available on a linked device. Inspectors are ready for a preliminary course of action through this service immediately after the survey.

    Reduced Equipment Down-Time

    A drone service company without an effective equipment maintenance regime can fail its clients. We have an on-staff team of engineers to maintain and improve our drone’s hardware and software.

    Our regular maintenance program ensures reduced downtime, and our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  are always ready to work as per schedule. Further, our technical and customer support teams provide all the support our customers need.

    Our drone pilots work hand-in-hand with inspectors to understand and meet their needs. Building inspectors direct pilots on where to focus for the best results.


    All our UAVs are fitted with machine-learning applications to enhance precision. The P3 Payload 50 MP and 100 MP cameras have a sensor that is almost twice as big as sensors in other cameras. They capture pictures accurately, producing high-quality images.

    The gas sensor can detect up to nine gases in a building at once. Furthermore, this gadget can simultaneously find the concentration of all those gases and other particles. The sensor enables 2D mapping3D modeling and shows the location of each gas and its concentration.

    We have the tools to process data if necessary. We summarize it graphically so that a decision-maker can make deductions from it at a glance.

    Cutting Edge Technology

    Our drones are highly navigable and equipped with high-quality sensors. At every inspection, we choose the payload on our UAVs based on what we are looking for in the building.

    If you want to inspect an industrial building, you can use our M300 drone, which has H20T visual and thermal cameras. These thermal cameras can zoom up to 20 times with clarity. They measure radiometric temperatures and enable you to identify items in the building from a safe distance. The cameras integrate radiometry and thermal zoom, making for clear imagery.

    Sometimes you may want to inspect a building for gas leakage. Such an inspection is too risky to do in person. Our drone payload in such instances is either the Terra 1 G Methane Detector or the Sniffer 4D.

    Our industrial-grade drones have high-resolution cameras that provide crystal-clear images. These images are accurate representations of the building’s physical conditions. Our equipment also produces thermal and mapping data for gas and particles. An experienced inspector can then determine if further investigations are required using these pictures.

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    Drones for building inspection make work easier and safer than ground inspections. Teamwork between inspectors and our skilled drone pilots ensures the efficient use of drones.

    High-resolution images delivered in real-time provide information for inspectors to make effective decisions. We also check buildings for things like gas leaks, particles, and other problems.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    The most suitable drones for building inspections are easy to fly and equipped with high-resolution cameras.

    Flyability is vital for internal inspections because sometimes you must pass through tricky spaces like inside boilers. While DJI M300 drones are some of the best for external inspections.

    Some drones are best for inspecting the outside of a building, while others are best for inspecting the inside. Internal assessment includes facilities such as pressure vessels, boilers, attics, etc. that require more navigable drones with more effective cameras. Furthermore, the drones work in GPS-denied environments.

    Furthermore, different issues of concern need different payloads to inspect. Physical defects in buildings require high-resolution cameras. Other situations may require thermal cameras and others require gas sensors, etc.

    Most jurisdictions require people who use UAVs for professional purposes to acquire licenses. At GIS Drones, we have all the licenses necessary to inspect buildings in all the markets in which we work.

    Why Drone Inspection Service


    Our solution improves safety by reducing work-at-height incidents through automated drone inspections that can reach elevated and hard to access areas.


    Accelerate the building inspection process by over 70%. Automated drone scans and machine-learning for quicker inspection turn-around times.


    Scale your facility management and operational processes through actionable insights. Access the platform through web and mobile everywhere and anytime.


    Reduction of labor and equipment costs by over 50%. Achieve cost-savings throughout the building lifecycle.


    Reduce human errors during building condition assessments through image analytics, digital workflows, documentation, and inspection visibility.

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