Drones Real Estate Inspection

Are you looking to maximize the return on your property investments? If yes, use drones for real estate inspection. The 3-D drone shots can seal any real estate deal for you.

Drone technology has changed the age-old dynamics of real estate advertisements. Instead of still photographs, now you can capture realistic views of a property showing its standing, surroundings, facades, and aerial views. Drones also help with structure analysis, facade inspections, and fire and safety protection regulations.

What Makes Drones So Good for Real Estate?

UAE’s real estate sector is at its all-time high. Post covid, the sector has gained incredible momentum, with transactions totaling Dh170 billion during the first seven months of 2022. Drone technology can help you outsmart your peers.

With more than 86% of home buyers preferring video advertisements, it’s your time to seize the opportunity with drone videos. This section explains a drone’s critical benefits for real estate.

Location and its Whereabouts

When it comes to real estate, location is everything. You can profit well if your property is urban, near schools, markets, and metro stations. All you need to do is highlight the location and its surroundings. Similarly, you can emphasize nearby farms, tranquility, and natural scenes for rural sites.

A drone can capture aerial views showing these features. A place with a good advertisement gets a reasonable contract price, and the value also stays intact.

Building Inspections

In UAE, the unified building codes regulate building security. The local administration has made it compulsory to ensure field surveying, facade inspection, and design safety.

With Drones, you can analyze the structural strength, the cohesion of binders, cracks, and the safe life of a building. Drones with AI use advanced algorithms to identify and assess each building material. For buildings with 6 or more floors, a drone inspection is recommended after every five years.

Listing of Real Estate Sites

Listings are a representation of real estate properties for rent and sale. A property with a good listing advert gets a faster response and eventual results. Drones help brokers capture aerial shots, 3-D Images, and high-quality pictures.

With Drones, you can also make storytelling videos, showing the buyers what they will feel while living in this place. If people can emotionally connect with a place, they will happily pay the price of your choice for it.

Cost Effective Alternate to Aerial Flying

The cost of a drone is nothing when compared to a helicopter. A heli involves a huge capital and operational cost. With Drones, you can inspect any real estate at a lower price.

There isn’t any need to physically visit a place either. A drone is economical, safer, and quicker than aerial flying. Also, you can save and analyze the acquired data. It makes it more wholesome than traditional methods.

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    How to Capture High-Quality Real Estate Photos from Drones?

    So far, we have learned how a drone impacts your real estate marketing. This section will explain how to capture high-quality shots from drones.

    It requires 4 elements

    • Right Drone Selection
    • Licensed Operator
    • Initial Site shot
    • Editing

    A good drone is categorized by its camera quality, range, altitude, and duration. The camera should provide HD images and videos with high resolution. The ideal range of duration is 3 miles with 20-25 minutes duration. You can select the best real estate drones by visiting our fleet.

    In UAE, you can’t fly a drone without a license. A qualified operator knows basic drone functionalities, local flight laws, and height restrictions near populated areas. So, always hire an operator or drone agency.

    The next step is shooting at the site. For that, select the take-off location concerning drone altitude and range. After that, fly the drone to get images from all angles. The camera should be focused to get maximum exposure. While shooting, the drone shouldn’t be too near or far, so the picture doesn’t get blurred.

    The last step is editing. For that, you should always hire a professional advertising agency. They will edit the images to convey the message. After editing, the images and videos should be ready for property listing.

    ROI (Return on Investment) with the inclusion of Drone Technology

    We have made a case for drones’ effectiveness in the real estate business. The proof of that is in the statistics. The agents/agencies using drones for listings see a 73% increment in viewership, with the deal closing rate as high as 68%. Based on these numbers, you can earn thousands of dollars by incorporating this technology.

    The cost of an average drone varies between 1,500-3,500 dollars. You can see our product page here to know the exact prices. Mere 1,500 to close out deals of thousands to millions of dollars. You can estimate how much return this small investment can give.

    The Final Take Away

    Drone technology has changed the real estate marketing game. Your listings seem dull and outdated without scintillating top views and modern camera angles. Acquiring drones isn’t an option; it’s become a necessity for real estate. This article explains the purpose, benefits, and procedure of using them for real estate.

    GIS Drones is a premium drone supplier in UAE. We provide high-quality drones along with aerial surveying and mapping services across the emirate. Contact us here if you have any queries.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    Yes, it is. It improves your chances of selling or renting a property at the desired price. The buyers are no longer interested in physical visits. So, you can show your property’s worth with real estate drone photography.

    Only if they have a license you can’t fly a drone in the UAE without a proper license and training. Therefore, most agents hire firms for drone footage.

    It depends upon your property’s size and the purpose of the photage. The choice varies for a farmhouse and sky risers. At GIS, we provide drones of each type as per your requirement.

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    Our solution improves safety by reducing work-at-height incidents through automated drone inspections that can reach elevated and hard to access areas.


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