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Solar Panel Drones Inspection In Dubai

With a global capacity of over 300GW and ever-improving efficiency, solar technology offers an endless supply of energy. With the help of numerous solar panel manufacturers, GIS Drone has collaborated and offered a wide range of services. Solar panel inspection is essential after installation. But how do you know if the installation is done correctly? Who does the assessment?
GIS drones provide efficient and accurate inspection of solar panels with drones, enabling the identification of any potential issues and ensuring optimal performance of the solar energy system.

Photovoltaic cells are thermodiagnosed to ensure that hot patches brought on by destruction or misalignment are visible to the observer. Our specialized thermal imaging drones can quickly scan an entire solar field using a variety of visual and thermal sensors.

After finishing a thermal drone assessment, our clients receive information from our cloud-based asset management software, including module problems, hot spots, string faults, balancing faults, racking, and temporary shadowing difficulties.

Solar Panel Drones Inspection Services

GIS Drones offers various services to help you with your solar panel drones inspection. We can do anything from a simple inspection to a full damage assessment. Below is a comprehensive list of some of the services we offer.

  • Geotagged image with hot spot identification for damaged cells and faulty caulk
  • Generating orthomosaic thermal maps 
  • Dimensions in AutoCAD
  • Diagnostic intent and panel placement planning
  • Infrared signals revealing damaged panels
  • Ensuring efficient solar farm operation

Why Use Drones For Solar Panels Inspection

A drone with the correct thermal camera can scan the site for flaws much quicker than a thermal camera on the ground because solar farms are often quite large installations.

Solar panel inspection using drones has demonstrated definite benefits in recent years. Drones make accessing difficult-to-reach places and potentially dangerous situations simpler and safer. Professional pilots can use drones to fly sensor systems to the inspection site, such as infrared and coronary cameras, to create detailed aerial photos with the utmost accuracy.

The surveyor can create a surface model at their desk after these points have been recorded. This model is contrasted with prior survey data, a baseline surface, or a virtual reference plane to determine volume changes.

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  • 100% Accuracy
  • State-of-the-art Equipment
  • Faster Data Acquisition
  • Team of Drone Experts
  • Dedicated Client Service

    GIS Dones For Solar Panel Inspection

    We can help you if your current search is for “solar panel inspection near me.” Whether it’s an inspection of a solar panel, a power line, an oil tank, or a railroad track, maintaining the infrastructure at the same rate as it is expanding requires constant effort. The ultimate goal of a constructor is assuring safety and averting failure.
    This has become easier to achieve thanks to inspection businesses’ embrace of drone technology through GIS Drones. During the airborne inspection, our qualified drone pilots play a crucial part in ensuring the safety and well-being of your solar panels. Feel free to contact us today for all your drone-based asset inspection needs.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    Depending on the task, a drone with a visual and thermal camera is flown automatically or manually above solar panels. The pilot can check the cameras’ live data while flying and flag any anomalies that don’t look right.

    Solar power is now a practical alternative for powering uncrewed aircraft (UAV, UAS, RPAS, drones) and ground- and marine-based autonomous systems (USVs, ASVs). This is thanks to recent advancements in photovoltaic (PV) technology.

    Every two years or as soon as you see a noticeable decline in performance in clear weather. A certified professional solar contractor should only carry out system maintenance.

    Below are some of the most popular commercial drones for solar inspections:

    • DJI Matrice 300 series
    • Yuneec H520
    • DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise
    • DJI Matrice 200 series

    Why Drone Inspection Service


    Our solution improves safety by reducing work-at-height incidents through automated drone inspections that can reach elevated and hard to access areas.


    Accelerate the building inspection process by over 70%. Automated drone scans and machine-learning for quicker inspection turn-around times.


    Scale your facility management and operational processes through actionable insights. Access the platform through web and mobile everywhere and anytime.


    Reduction of labor and equipment costs by over 50%. Achieve cost-savings throughout the building lifecycle.


    Reduce human errors during building condition assessments through image analytics, digital workflows, documentation, and inspection visibility.

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