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3D Modelling and Digital Twin Services in Dubai, UAE

High-Definition 3D Models and Digital Twins of Real-World Objects 

GIS Drones offers professional 3D modelling and digital twin services in Dubai where we help create 3D models and digital twins for real-world objects such as vast landscapes and large-scale real estate projects. We create accurate 3D spatial models that contain accurate topographical details of a real-world object.

We specialize in aerial photogrammetry which enables us to capture georeferenced images that we combine to create high-definition 3D models and digital twins.

We use state-of-the-art 3D modelling software to convert the drone-captured images into 3D models representing the digital version of the physical object for residential and commercial purposes.

What is 3-D Modelling?

3-D modelling is the process of converting aerial images captured using a drone into a digital spatial model that represents the captured object in a virtual format. Modelling is used to create digital representations for land, buildings, and development projects.

Applications of Three D Modelling

  • 3D models for large areas of land
  • Creating 3D orthomosaic maps of fields
  • Property inspections
  • Construction project monitoring
  • Land surveys
  • Public safety i.e., crime scene maps, natural disaster analysis

Benefits of Three D Modelling

  • Our Drones for 3d modelling provided high-resolution images and accurate position information for a better visualization experience. 
  • It offers an easier and safer way of keeping track of construction progression. 
  • 3D model view helps with identifying structural maintenance issues in a building. 
  • It is a prerequisite for creating accurate digital twins.

3-D Modelling Applications

In situations when an object changes over time and the initial model of the thing becomes invalid, digital twins can be quite valuable.

In manufacturing, the digital twin concept allows for the production of separate models of specific objects inside a single framework, making model development, validation, and updating simple and efficient.

  • Smart assembly ensures that components are selected for best performance and reduced scrap.
  • Sophisticated multi-component constructions whose internal details can’t be accessed can use measurements of the assembly’s exterior surface to assure that the inside structure has been appropriately deployed.
  • Ensure that any deviations from the product specification do not have an unacceptable impact on performance.
  • Identify problems before they become catastrophic, maintenance scheduling, and smart maintenance by using the twin to update parameters relevant to known possible defects.

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    What is a Digital Twin?

    Digital Twins provide a high-resolution visual representation of real-life objects while also providing insights into the operational features of the physical objects.

    A digital twin serves as a real-time counterpart to the physical object, allowing asset owners, engineers, and designers to understand the current condition and predict future changes that might occur based on the available information.

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    Applications of Digital Twin

    • Manufacturing sector
    • Automobile industry
    • Real estate development projects
    • Retail experience
    • Smart cities
    • IoT

    Benefits of Creating Digital Twin with Drone Data

    • Real-time asset monitoring
    • Risk assessment
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Informed decision-making 
    • Enhanced operational efficiency
    • Increased productivity

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    Frequently Asked Question

    Drone photogrammetry is primarily used for surveying purposes, to create 2D maps and 3D models for real-world objects such as buildings and vast landscapes.

    3D models help with tracking the progress of construction projects, identifying structural maintenance issues, and creating digital twins for physical assets.

    A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical object. For example, a 3D model of a property containing accurate data and insights about it would be considered a digital twin.

    A digital twin is an accurate 3D model of an object in the real world. A digital twin is used to predict the current state and the future of a physical object by analyzing its virtual counterpart.

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    Our solution improves safety by reducing work-at-height incidents through automated drone inspections that can reach elevated and hard to access areas.


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    Reduce human errors during building condition assessments through image analytics, digital workflows, documentation, and inspection visibility.

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