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GIS Drones offer bespoke services in the UAE to fix problems that clients bring to us. We’ve done everything from flying a small no gps enabled fpv drone into a small void to get images to flying a 20kg heavy lift drone to test out 5g services at different locations to improve phone signals, All fixes designed and put together in house.

New Interactive Panaromic Maps

360 panoramas captured by drones are an excellent proposition for developers, real estate, or property owners. Thanks to the bird’s eye view, you will be able to see not only a specific object, but also the entire surrounding area and the infrastructure. GIS Drones Maps is a powerful tool in presenting the completed projects or in monitoring the development of the construction progress.

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    Drone Based Sonar

    We designed the solution in house to use a heavy lift drone to process a drone underwater sonar inspection in Dubai.

    The client was really impressed with the speed and how quickly we where able to get this done over using a boat. We managed to get the complete job flown in under an hour and data supplied in a few days.

    Drone 5G Data Services

    We where appoached by a multi-national mobile phone equpiment supplier to put a test kit together that would allow them to test the signal strenght of potetinal cell sites if they where connected via remote services. You may be interested in learning about the use of drones for visual inspections.

    For this we used a DJI M300 with a modified payload to carry a pelicase with customer supplied equpiment in it.

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