Aerial Mapping

Drone survey Dubai is being utilized in many fields.
It is a technological advancement that has changed the entire outlook of the world.

Best Aerial Mapping Services With Drones

Are you experiencing challenges trying to transform your business knowledge into digital intelligence? GIS Drones strives to provide a well-versed drone aerial mapping service across the UAE and the Middle East.

We provide high-tech drone technology in surveying, mapping, and the production of AI-based drone data analysis and processing, leading to high-quality topographic maps.

Our clients get their deliverables faster because we have a high-end fleet of surveying drones and a team of experienced, licensed pilots. This lets them make quick decisions about their projects.

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  • 100% Accuracy
  • State-of-the-art Equipment
  • Faster Data Acquisition
  • Team of Drone Experts
  • Dedicated Client Service

    Deliverables we offer

    • Orthomosaic maps(2D and 3D)
    • Digital surface model(DSM)
    • Digital terrain model(DTM)
    • Contour maps
    • Point cloud aerial mapping

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    Applications of aerial mapping

    Our services help with:

    Drones assist different professionals in ensuring the accuracy of construction projects. Some of the benefits of drones in the construction industry include

    • Capturing of pre-bid topos photographs
    • Decreasing the downtime
    • Improving scheduling time
    • Calculation of cut and fill volume measurements

    While safer than scaffolding, rope access inspection is only partially secure. An IRATA-certified rope access technician does it. No matter how experienced, there is always a chance of dropping something or making a small error. And during rope access inspection, these errors pose a severe risk to human life.

    You can hire MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) to do inspections. They may provide easy access to constricted portions of a site. However, MEWP is only suitable for some types of setups. Additionally, only some firms can afford it because of its cost. Although this approach is comparatively safer than the others, it is still possible for mistakes to be made, for things to fall, or for machinery to break down.

    Roads and bridges are exposed to friction, leading to wear and tear. The drone technology assists in maintaining constant surveys and inspections of them.

    Drones are used in the mining industry to estimate possible resources, plan, make sure workers are safe, keep track of stockpiles, and more. Therefore, drones are a necessity for better results in the mining industry.

    Drones are widely used in waste management in various ways. Such ways include

    • Calculation of accurate density and volume
    • Collecting garbage
    • Cleaning of power lines.

    Drones help maintain constant aerial surveillance. GIS Drones can maintain a protective watch on multiple locations within a facility.

    GIS Drones

    What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Each Method?

    With some trade-offs, both survey methodologies have significant advantages. It is up to you, the skilled surveyor, to determine the optimal option while considering the data quality and company targets.

    Benefits of Our Aerial Mapping Services

    Below are some of the benefits achieved from our aerial mapping services.

    Quicker permits

    Our company will get permits for flying quicker from civil aviation authorities.

    Powerful drone fleet

    All of our survey drones have high-end, advanced cameras with high resolutions so that the data they collect is of a higher quality.

    Faster data acquisition in aerial mapping

    GIS Drones has a team of drone survey experts who can collect and analyze data from the air more quickly and accurately.

    Accurate measurements in data processing and delivery

    For every project, our team goes over the deliverables in the aerial procedures to get accurate data.

    Client support

    From the beginning to the end of the project, we offer our services and support to our clients, helping them analyse and implement decisions based on the data delivered.

    Surveyors prefer aerial mapping with drones because it is faster, easier, and more cost-effective than ground mapping. GIS Drones use multispectral or RGB cameras and essential LiDAR sensors in every Aerial Mapping project.
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    Vertical photographs are often used in mapping and are achieved by not tilting the camera, thereby imaging a smaller area.

    There are three types of aerial views with camera orientation: vertical, low oblique, and high oblique.

    The camera axis is in a vertical position, thus creating an overhead view of 90 degrees. In the low oblique, the camera axis is tilted for more than 3 degrees enabling close shots used in adve

    in vertical aerial virtuosity. Lastly, regarding the high oblique, the camera axis is tilted to 60 degrees, allowing a larger area to be covered.

    Aerial maps can often be used to make accurate and efficient volumetric calculations about how to manage drones from the air.

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