Mines Surveys Using High Resolution Drones 

Faster & Efficient Mines Surveys with the Latest GIS Drones

GIS Drones is an industry leader in the mining drones market, offering top-of-the-line drones for detailed mine surveillance. Our drones are ideal for underground mining operations as they feature high-resolution cameras and drone technology that captures the smallest details about a mining project with excellent accuracy. 

We use state-of-the-art GIS drones to capture high-resolution imagery of a mine that helps you with stockpile volume measurement to keep track of your inventory during the mining operations. Our detailed drone surveillance services offers you a reliable, dynamic, and cost-effective way of stockpile volume measurement. 

Trained Pilots for Mine Surveys

Mining is a dangerous profession that involves dealing with harsh conditions. Surveying a mine can be next to impossible for untrained professionals. This is where GIS Drones come in!

We offer expert mine surveys that cover everything from gathering volume measurements to in-depth surveys so that you can enhance safety and productivity for your mining operations. Our trained pilots conduct a thorough mine survey with zero risk to personnel safety.

Why Use GIS Drones for Mines Surveys?

Accurate Stockpile Volume Measurement

Our drones enable you to keep track of stockpile volume present in the mine that is actively being used in mining operations. This helps in efficienct inventory management and maximizing the use of stored resources. 

Surveying & Mapping

Surveying and monitoring a mine can be quite hazardous. Instead of putting your personnel at risk, GIS Drones can help you automate the surveying process. 

Detailed Inspections

Our drones feature cutting-edge camera technology along with thermal and LiDAR components that capture micro-level details with great accuracy. Our drones can identify water bodies, haul roads, and slopes, and can even capture unreachable areas inside a mine. 

Enhanced Productivity

GIS Drones offer you the best and the easiest way to perform mine inspections. Since mine surveys using drones don’t require a lot of time and effort, it greatly improved the productivity of your mining operations.  

Time & Cost-Effective

Drones can rapidly cover large distances while capturing the tiniest bits of details at the same time. This is what makes drones an excellent alternative to traditional means of surveying mines. 

Get in Touch With the US for Professional Mines Drone Surveys in Dubai, UAE

Running mine operations smoothly requires regular surveys for stockpile inventory volume measurement and to ensure that everything goes as per a specified schedule. GIS Drones offer an efficient way of conducting mine surveys and gathering valuable data about mining operations. We use inspection data to gather information and generate reports that you can use to maximize the productivity of your mining operations. Visit GIS Drones to learn more about our mine drone survey services in Dubai, UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

The applications of drones in the mining domain include surveying, monitoring, mapping, and surveillance to enhance safety and productivity. 

Mining drones provide accurate and detailed information about the current state of a mine, faster than the traditional means of surveying. 

Mine surveys with drones is a low-cost and safer alternative to physically inspecting a mine. The remote inspection features make drones ideal for mine inspections. 

The cost of mine surveys varies based on factors such as the difficulty of the surveying project and the specific services you are looking for including mapping, modeling, and survey reports.