Drones were urgently called by the Address Downtown management to inspect the internal body of the elevators to detect any suspected electricity or broken pipes and wall cracks.

Goals & Objectives

Our Goal was simple

To go in with our professional drone operators, and inspect the elevator shaft for any gas leakages and any problems that might be visible inside the elevator.

Proposed solution

The area of operations was a GPS-denied zone, which means that any regular drone wouldn’t have been able to fly inside.

This is why we used the caged drone Elios 2 which can work in GPS-denied spaces.

The scope was to inspect three elevator shafts, with a height of 61 floors.

Drone Used

The drone we used was the Elios 2 that’s designed to work in GPS-Denied locations.

Here are some of its specifications:

Project Deliverables

We started planning for the project. Security assessment was conducted, and the team from Health and Safety + Maintenance + Our pilots met in the hotel to conduct an initial orientation for safety induction and agree on the operation mechanism before we start flying the drone internally.

The goal was to finish the assessment as quickly as possible so we don’t disrupt the day-to-day operations of the hotel.


We deployed our team who are certified inspectors and caged drone pilots. and we were able to finish the 3 x 61 floors in only 8 hours!

And the final assessment resulted in detecting some anomalies such as:

The most common among the knows issue was concrete damage

This could result in chips of concrete falling down on the elevator shaft and making the key elevator systems unsafe for use.

Apart from that, there were also some electrical defects

Overall we were able to identify and report all known issues in the elevator shaft


This project was a huge success and was a successful demonstration of the Elios 2 Drone that can be operated in GPS-Denied zones. This drone is one of the stars of our drone fleet at GIS Drones and it proved its importance in this project.

The overall teamwork and the showcase of excellent skills were top-notch as always and as expected from the GIS Drones Team members.

This was another example of how we’re using drones to help businesses by reducing the cost, time, complexity, and risk of projects like these

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