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Who are GIS Drones?

GIS Drones is a full-service drone solutions provider company in Dubai. We provide quality commercial drone services to Corporates & Businesses using state-of-the-art enterprise drone equipment.

GIS Drones offers a wide range of Aerial & Drone Services in Dubai from start to finish, as we always aim to form a long-lasting relationship with our clients. We can also commercially operate in:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain
  • UK

Our Vision is to be a leader in drone solutions for land and asset-intensive industries.

Drone Services In Dubai

Delivering Tomorrow’s Drone Solutions, Today!

Add on extra dimension to inspection and data visualization

Aerial drone inspections – begin the journey towards increased efficiency

Provide clear-cut aerial drone surveying and mapping services

Production of high definition aerial pictures and videos

Need to get a service and think a drone could help?

3D Modelling & Digital Twin

GIS Drone relies on industry-standard UAVs with a high-resolution camera capable of collecting 40-megapixel aerial images for commercial photogrammetry mapping.

We stitch the data together to create a 2D map or a 3D model using still photographs and geo-located metadata to establish their positions and angles.

GIS Drones also offer a digital twin to generate a detailed picture of an object or process. A digital twin is the virtual representation of a system or object prepared using simulations and machine learning from real-time data.

3D Modelling | Drone Comapny
Drones Inspection

Drone Filming & FPV

High-resolution images from the best angels at an affordable cost.

Drone videos taken from the air offer a unique perspective. It allows you to capture high-definition (HD), ultra-high-definition (UHD), and even ultra-high-resolution (8K) footage.

Aerial cinematographers can capture everything from beautiful landscapes to fast-paced action sequences at low altitudes.

Drones Asset Inspection

Start using Aerial Drone Inspection and begin the Journey toward Increased Efficiency, Greater Safety, and Reduced Risk of Assets.

Our advanced drones can transmit data from potentially hazardous areas via Aerial Inspection services without risking the worker’s life and health. The process also reduces the associated costs and the number of people needed on the ground.

By incorporating revolutionary Drone technologies, GIS Drones offer an adaptable and scalable solution to inspection operations threats.

Drone Company In Dubai
Bespoke Drone Services In The Uae

Bespoke Drone Services

Need to get a Service and Think a Drone could help?

GIS Drones is a drone company Dubai that offers bespoke drone services in the UAE to fix problems that clients bring to us. We’ve done eveything from flying a small no gps enabled fpv drone into a small void to get images to flying a 20kg heavy lift drone to test out 5g services at different locations to improve phone signals, All fixes designed and put together in house.

360 panoramas captured by drones are an excellent proposition for developers, real estate, or property owners. Thanks to the bird’s eye view, you will be able to see not only a specific object, but also the entire surrounding area and the infrastructure. GIS Drones Maps is a powerful tool in presenting the completed projects or in monitoring the development of the construction progress.

Waste Management Drones Inspection

Waste Management Drones Inspection

Curious how you can use drones to manage solid waste? GIS Drones provide modern technology for industrial applications such as garbage control. Read on to understand the redefined waste management method using cutting-edge drones. 

Waste management requires a great investment in human labour to manually oversee dumping activities greatly related to increased operational costs in public and private firms. Therefore, with the invention of drones by our company, human labour is no longer needed as drones are more effective in managing and controlling waste sites. Drones are known for being useful as they operate tirelessly and in remote places.

Drone Building Inspection

Drones Building Inspection

Witnessing testing and commissioning is essential for property development projects to ensure that the work done is in accordance with health and safety standards. The witness has to take into account the local authority compliances as well to facilitate a risk-free completion of the project. 

Land Sterling offers witnessing testing and commissioning services in Dubai to assist property owners and developers to ensure that all the systems are delivered as per design specifications. 

Our certified building management experts oversee the testing and commission of proposed designs to ensure that they comply with health, safety, and regulatory standards. 

Drone Facade Inspection

Tired of old school building facade surveying methods?  Use drone facade inspections to analyze building structures, find defects and ensure the safety of residents. 

The United Arab Emirates is the global real estate epicenter. Businesses worldwide see the region as the safest bet to earn a handsome return on investment. It is a pre-requisite if you want to own a house or real estate here. This article will teach us how to do a facade inspection with drones.

Drones Inspection
Solar Panel Drone Inspection

Solar Panel Drones Inspection

With a global capacity of over 300GW and ever-improving efficiency, solar technology offers an endless supply of energy. With the help of numerous solar panel manufacturers, GIS Drone has collaborated and offered a wide range of services.

Photovoltaic cells are thermodiagnosed to ensure that hot patches brought on by destruction or misalignment are visible to the observer. Our specialized thermal imaging drones can quickly scan an entire solar field using a variety of visual and thermal sensors.

After finishing a thermal drone assessment, our clients receive information from our cloud-based asset management software, including module problems, hot spots, string faults, balancing faults, racking, and temporary shadowing difficulties.

Drone Bridge Inspection

What is bridge inspection using a drone? Using UAVs for routine and emergency bridge inspections reduces turnaround time and provides more accurate results. 

Structural deficiencies and functional inadequacies in bridges are reasons why a bridge may become a danger to the public. These problems develop from time to time due to tremors and vibrations caused by bridge traffic. 

Attrition and the need to maintain structural integrity and safety make the inspection routine. Bridges, especially high bridges, take a lot of time to inspect. The process is also risky and may be inadequate when done manually.

Drone Bridge Inspection
Drone Real Estate Inspection

Drones Real Estate Inspection

Are you looking to maximize the return on your property investments? If yes, use drones for real estate. The 3-D drone shots can seal any real estate deal for you. 

Drone technology has changed the age-old dynamics of real estate advertisements. Instead of still photographs, now you can capture realistic views of a property showing its standing, surroundings, facades, and aerial views. Drones also help with structure analysis, facade inspections, and fire and safety protection regulations.

Drones Surveying and Mapping

GIS Drones Aim to Provide Clear-Cut Aerial Drone Surveying and Mapping Services across the UAE and the Middle East

We are well-versed in drone technology in market developments, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Operations, surveying, mapping, surveillance, and AI-based drone data analysis and processing, just a few of the services we offer.

At any given time, GIS Drones continue to produce high-quality topographic maps with centimeter-level precision. In addition, because of our high-end surveying drone fleet and a team of experienced licensed pilots, our clients receive their deliverables more quickly, allowing them to make timely decisions about their projects.

Drone Surveying And Inspection

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