Media Production

Produce high-resolution videos to make your audience stunned using advanced technology at an affordable cost.

Why GIS Drones for Media Production

We cover some of the most critical projects in the United Arab Emirates with our team of expert filmmakers, drone pilots, and cinematic photographers. Our pilots are highly skilled, well-trained, and well-versed in the airspace throughout the world.

Key Benefits

  • Full HD Photos and Videos
  • Up to 8K Resolution Video Recording
  • Up to 100 Megapixels
  • Cinematic & 360 Panorama footage

FPV & Virtual Tours

First Person View (FVP) is a unique and engaging approach to marketing a house to potential buyers! An action camera fitted on an FPV racing drone allows us to fly through some of the most challenging environments and produce a cinematic-looking video.

4K Quality

Video GIS Drones provides amazing 4K footage that captures every nuance of any project for crystal-clear final output. Our goal is to make our clients feel confident when they know the flight will be in the hands of a licensed pilot skilled in aerial videography.

Aerial Photography

Take advantage of high-resolution photos with up to 61 megapixels resolution. We can fulfil every client’s demands, no matter what they may be, with our drone photography in Dubai. Email, memory card, or printed data captures are available.

Event Coverage

GIS Drones can help with anything from filming charity events to documenting team development activities. We provide aerial and ground coverage of your big day from all possible angels.

Construction photography

Drones with high-resolution camera payloads participate in commercial and residential property marketing.

We also provide crane camera video monitoring and time-lapse as an alternative to drones.

Property showcasing

GIS Drones are there for real estate agents needing improved wide-angle photos of a property. We also offer video tours of your property to help you with your marketing efforts.

Our Deliverables

  • High-Quality Pictures & Videos
  • 360 Panorama
  • Live Streaming
  • Internal FPV Recording
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