Mines & Quarries Surveying

Improve stockpile management, inspections, excavation efficiency, and accuracy while ensuring safety and compliance.

GIS Drones can help mines, quarries, and aggregate producers. It can improve inventory management and financial data by using automated data-gathering techniques.

Why GIS Drones For Mines & Quarries Surveying

GIS Drones ensure you can have an eye on the mining and querying process. Reduced liability, improved security, and increased output are all further advantages. 

Key Benefits

  • 50% Cost Saving
  • 0% Risk
  • High-Quality Inspection
  • 70% Time-Saving

Stockpile Inventory Management

Avoid waste to accelerate revenue recognition by using more accurate and timely information when planning and fulfilling decisions.

We can measure stocks more frequently for a tenth of the expense of standard approaches. In addition, you can access all stockpile volume measurements from a single, audit-friendly location.

Mine Planning and Excavation

Reporting progress and efficiently managing logistics help you minimize downtime. Visualize and compare site characteristics to plan to estimate production or monitor blast efficiency.

Keep tabs on excavation progress to keep your team up to date and your production plan on track. The best way to plan efficient hauling logistics is to visualize and measure the routes involved.

Safety & Compliance

Drone inspection maintains the highest levels of safety for all parties involved, including workers, sites, and equipment. Quickly and efficiently conduct standard equipment and infrastructure checks.

To ensure compliance with tight regulatory laws, provide detailed documentation of your site and equipment using drone inspection. Keep an eye on the site in case of an emergency.

Our Deliverables

  • Stockpile Reports
  • Volumetric measurement
  • Elevation & 3D Models
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