Overhead Power Lines (Ohpl) Inspection

Keep the power flow smooth while eyeing any troubling elements in the line.

OHPL inspection drones use high-resolution cameras to spot any erosions or cracks in overhead power lines before they become dangerous. The thermal and corrosion sensors can also monitor for electrical malfunctions that may lead to an outage!

You’ll never have trouble reaching those hard–to–reach areas. Again thanks to the technology integration, that speaks for itself! 

OHPL Inspection is The Gamechanger in Utility Industry

For underwater surveys, deploying a drone is faster and more cost effective than using a ship, boat, or unmanned surface vehicle (USV). GIS Drones use some of the most advanced technologies like Echosounder and low-frequency GPR to map water depths and sediments much faster and at an affordable cost. 

Quick and Regular Monitoring

A drone and an authorized pilot can quickly respond to any powerline issues within a few minutes. In addition, drones can reach places where helicopters cannot go, such as close to trees or houses, or where regular patrols would be impossible.

Travelling over private property or treacherous terrain is not required, so worker safety stays on top. The clear view of the tower in real time enables your team to accurately identify the issue and propose a solution before you leave the site.

Enhanced Data Collection and Operation

Multi-rotor drones can collect thermal and RGB images of 20 miles of distribution poles in a single day. So the inspection teams can benefit from greater detail (such as missing pins, rust, and damaged insulators) than standard ground or helicopter patrols.

They can also detect hot spots swiftly with the help of thermal vision. Drone inspections can provide:
More detailed and precise data.
Allowing businesses to discover more issues proactively.
Resulting in fewer power outages and lower repair costs.

Zero Risks

One of the most apparent advantages of drones is that they allow ground teams to remain in place. With this tool, crews can inspect a problem area up close without using a bucket truck or risking injury by climbing to a dangerous height.

Drones mitigate the risks associated with accessing poorly maintained or unsafe right-of-way areas, navigating unknown conditions after a storm, and crossing private property. 

Why GIS Drones for Overhead Powerlines (OHPL) Inspection

Inspecting and maintaining overhead powerlines is expensive. And when the projects include human hours and equipment, the cost piles up. But we offer you the most affordable inspection service with minimum hassles and maximum data. Here is an interesting article on power line inspection

Key Benefits

  • 95% site inspection time savings
  • 30% – 50% reduction in inspection cost
  • 0% Risk & Secure inspection
  • Surveys of difficult-to-access structures

Pinpoint Precision

Hotspots are a real pain, and we know that. Our team offers high-resolution footage, photographs, and thermographic images to help you pinpoint areas of concern before it becomes too late! We also use complete GPS monitoring so that accuracy is never an issue when hotspot detection time comes around – saving your business both money and downtime.

Mitigate Magnetic Field

Drones are great for inspecting power lines for problems with lightning strikes. However, the interference from the magnetic fields can make accurate readings on a drone compass impossible. Hence, our team developed an optimized maintenance plan to utilize a filter system while avoiding obstacles near the line itself!

Access to Almost Anywhere

Our team will fly where others cannot go- close enough so you can get data on the powerline corridor without having any employees injured while working at height. We covered you no matter the project in a rural, urban, or large metropolis. 

Our Deliverables

  • Photogrammetry with Location Data
  • Articulated Inspection Report for Power Lines 
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