Pipeline Inspection

Detect spill or leakage faster and cost-effectively without risking your business and team members.

The Oil & Gas industry uses drones for everything from pipeline inspections to mineral exploration (looking for new mineral sources). In addition, it ensures employee safety monitoring at factories or campsites.

Using these unmanned aerial vehicles, you can obtain accurate location information during emergencies like natural disasters!

Why GIS Drones For Pipeline Inspection

We use the most updated drone payloads to detect the pipeline’s slight defects. Both photogrammetry and thermal images ensure precautions before there is any damage.

Reduce Cost and Enhance Plant Uptime

With drones, Oil & Gas companies can perform inspections without shutting down production or using costly equipment. It means only minutes spent on inspection-related tasks replace the lost work hours!

Improvise Safety and Lessen Liability

Oil refineries are dangerous places with high-risk environments that used to require workers to enter for safety inspections. However, drones can do the job remotely and safely, so these inhospitable zones no longer need humans!

Add a Force Multiplier

Drones can act as a force multiplier for energy companies. One or two drone operators, with mission planning software and an automated inspection schedule in place, could monitor assets across vast distances. As a result, companies don’t have to send teams of engineers from asset to asset looking for problems.

Advance Detection Before any Damage

The use of drones is not just for collecting high-resolution images. They also have gas-detection sensors technology or thermal cameras that detect gas leaks or damaged pipe insulation. So it ensures repairs happen before the bursts! 

Key Benefits

  • 18 Times Faster Pipelines Inspection
  • Reduction Delays and Cost Overruns
  • 70% Saving on Costs & Improve Efficiency
  • Less Risk with fewer safety Incidents & hazards

Our Deliverables

  • Pipeline Scan Inspection Report
  • 3D Modeling – Digital Twin
  • High-Quality Data of Pipelines 
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