Plant Assets Inspection

Lessen the complexity of plant operations by heightening the monitoring and maintenance.

GIS Drones remotely monitor boilers, fuel storage tanks, transmission lines, wind turbines, columns of smoke, pipelines, solar farms, and more.

Our advanced drone technology in the hands of the most skilled pilots ensures the most comprehensive look at the status of plant operation and quality. 

Why GIS Drones For Plant Assets Inspection

Because of the cost savings, increased reliability, safety, and reduced business risk that drones provide for energy and utility businesses, the time has come for drones to become an integral part of inspection.

Key Benefits

  • 18 Times Faster Asset Inspection
  • Reduction In Asset Downtime & Direct Costs
  • 70% Saving On Costs & Improve Efficiency
  • Fewer Risks of Hazards & Accidents Instead of Scaffolding or Elevated Platforms


Drones capture overhead footage of difficult-to-reach sites, especially when an inspector’s safety is in jeopardy. GIS Drones use advanced drone technologies to thoroughly examine your asset’s condition and functionality.

State-of-the-art Technology

Modern drones come with high-resolution video cameras, thermal sensors, and even infrared cameras to gather data for analysis. We can send the drone’s data back to the control centre in real-time.


Another benefit of GIS Drones inspection is that it saves money on expensive scaffolding and staging. Because machines and plants do not require complete shut down to go through drone inspection, it also shortens the downtime.

Our Deliverables

  • Visual and Thermal /IR imaging
  • 3D Digital Twin
  • As-built Assets Digitization
  • Detailed Inspection Reports 
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