Production Facilities Inspection

Improve and simplify facility inspection with drone technology.

In older manufacturers, Production Facilities Inspection can be dangerous and time-consuming. But there is an effective way to make the process safe and automated.

It’s the production facilities’ inspection drones. They can fly over the business facilities using sensors and software to make outdoor and indoor visual assessments and other difficult-to-reach areas.

Unlike an in-person examination, production facilities inspection software can quickly acquire information from drones about the facility’s HVAC, grounds, building envelope, and other assets.

Why GIS Drones For Production Facilities Inspection

GIS Drones have developed a “Smart Package” that combines our building management software with drone technology to eliminate the need for humans to inspect a building complex’s exterior manually.

Key Benefits

  • 50% cost reduction
  • Highly accurate inspection
  • 4x faster detection
  • 100% safe operation

Diverse Data Collection and Analysis

Using combo solutions, we can generate a 3D point cloud, 2D orthographic views, and inspection reports. It helps in analysis and long-term planning for a production site overview, leakage detection, and cleaning.

Regulations Compliance

Aerial imaging can document the location and condition of heavy equipment, temporary constructions, and other assets to comply with insurance regulations for any claims.

Daily, a drone can fly over a site to inspect conditions, identify potential hazards, optimize logistics, and map the assets.

Our Deliverables

  • Internal & External Inspection
  • UV-Lighting Inspection Report
  • Thermographic Survey
  • Confined Space Inspection
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