Monitor the progression of real estate & construction projects with higher accuracy and industry-standard precision.

GIS Drones is committed to maintaining its commitment to developing high-quality and secure information products for builders, developers, and general contractors.

Real estate developers, appraisers, construction, and engineering companies use drone technology to reduce project lead times and overall costs, maintain social distance and be on par with traditional methods. We provide more timely, detailed, and accurate detection.

GIS Drones enable project tracking and allow all stakeholders to collaborate in an interactive environment at all stages of development.

Why GIS Drones for Real Estate & Construction

Drone technology helps reduce costs and enhance security in the real estate industry while expediting decision-making and task completion by increasing productivity. Interested to learn about Real estate appraisal

Key Benefits

  • High Accuracy Topographic Mapping
  • 35% reduction in Survey Budget
  • 6x Faster Project Completion
  • 52% Reduction of Violation Penalties

Collect Surveying – Photogrammetry Data

Drone surveying and mapping is not only about images and videos. It also offers georeferenced and digital terrain data to visualise the surveyed land from a real-time perspective. As a result, it enhances the credibility and authenticity of any real estate property and stacks up its price.

Monitor Construction Progress

Construction companies use aerial photographs to monitor and follow the progress of a project from above. GIS Drones photograph any project from various angles, distances, and orientations to provide a complete view. Getting weekly, monthly, or yearly reports on the project’s status will help stakeholders stay on top.

Diverse Situations Photogrammetry

Drones are a breeze to use for all kinds of aerial photography and videography projects. They’re great for capturing images from new angles, unique views, and the complete task in one go. We can shoot your construction project from the skies, on land, or in the sea.

Communicate to Stakeholders

GIS Drones can inspect from unusual angles and with high-definition clarity to capture previously inaccessible areas. Stakeholders need to see how the project progresses, backed by visual proof. Construction firms can download the images and share them with stakeholders and potential clients or use them in marketing campaigns. 

Our Deliverables

  • LiDAR Point Cloud
  • Contour Lines
  • 2D Orthomosaic Maps
  • DTM / DSM