Keep an eye on the solar panels to ensure seamless energy flow without risk and damage.

Thermal Mapping identifies any defects or damage in solar panels, allowing solar farm owners to obtain a manufacturer warranty or replacements.

Our unparalleled operations use cutting-edge aerial vehicle (UAV) technology and guarantee dependability, affordability, and the highest level of precision.

Why GIS Drones For Solar Panels Inspection

Certified pilots of GIS Drones use UAVs’ equipped with thermal sensors for Aerial Inspection in solar farms. As a result, thermal and graphic data from those drone surveys are of greater quality for in-depth analyses of solar panels. Check out our Solar panel inspection services using drones

Key Benefits

  • Reduction of inspection cost by 30 to 50%
  • Easy access to difficult-to-reach structures
  • 90% saving of inspection time
  • 0% risk-free and 100% secure inspection

Failure Detection with Precision

Aerial inspection drones can identify cell faults, disconnected strings, dirt on photovoltaic cells, interconnection failures, degradation of solar cells, and operational efficiency losses.

Modern unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are essential to enhance the industry’s ability to inspect, monitor, and maintain massive solar farms.

Cost Effective Operation

Our drones can detect even the tiniest dead cell that compromises the entire system and causes economic harm. This way, drones save millions of dollars worth of wasted megawatt by cautioning us beforehand. Aerial Thermal Imaging helps to maintain the solar farm’s efficiency at its highest level. 

Our Deliverables

  • Solar Inspection Reports
  • Hotspot Identification
  • Thermal 2D Maps
  • Cell Failure / Melting / Degradation