Surveillance & Security

Focus on your business while aerial surveillance keeps an eye on the surroundings.

Using drones for surveillance makes monitoring more convenient, faster, and less expensive than ever.

With GIS Drones, there are a variety of additional benefits. Night-vision and thermal sensors are standard payloads, allowing drones to fly anytime with little disturbance. The survey captures images the human eye cannot detect. 

Why GIS Drones For Surveillance & Security

Safety is a significant issue while running a business or maintaining a smooth operational process. With the most advanced live aerial coverage, GIS Drones help you see details in any event or location up to 1 cm. you may be curious to learn about Best drone survey in Dubai.

Our drones come with thermal cameras to expedite any search and rescue operation. No matter where you want to look to ensure safety, our geolocation services ensure you get the best coverage.

Key Benefits

  • 91% Decrease in life-threatening accidents
  • Lower cost of emergency operations
  • Improvised safety and risk management
  • Positivity in the community
  • Access to hard-to-reach sites

Tactical line monitoring

Fixed-wing UAVs are perfect for high-level highway, maritime, and border surveillance in In-Line Monitoring. Smugglers, illegal border crossers, and traffickers of wild animals are going to be monitored closely.

Progress Site Monitoring

Multi-rotor drones are more frequent for site monitoring. They’re more agile and have better hover capabilities. UAVs may send live data feeds that include a wealth of information.

Event Security

At major events, UAVs are essential in ensuring security and safety. For instance, drones safeguard the integrity of event security, the supervision of spectators and crowds, and the protection of overall health and safety planning.

Event & Site Documentation

Using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can produce high-quality visual documentation of a site. In addition, drones facilitate risk management, security planning, and analysis. For example, the security organization in Abu Dhabi uses drones to augment its existing security measures, particularly at ports.

The scope of accidents is also monitored and assessed by drones. With this information, authorities can distribute workers more effectively.

Our Deliverables

  • High-resolution images & videos
  • Exact localization of victims
  • Precise traffic and evacuation route
  • Live video stream 
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