Telecom Towers Inspection

Use the most updated UAV innovation for seamless communication.

Automatic data collection around communication towers is now possible with GIS Drones Telecom Tower Scan, the first solution of its kind in the Middle Eastern market. GIS Drones is delivering a complete digitization solution for cell site operators in the Middle East in conjunction with our web platform. 

Why GIS Drones For Telecom Towers Inspection

Our automated drone data workflows allow you to gain new insight into your cell tower asset portfolio. Drone flights around cell towers may be planned and executed with the help of sensors and cameras.  You may be curious to learn about Inspection drones

Key Benefits

  • High-Quality Data
  • 50% Reduced Cost
  • 4 – 8X Scalable Solution
  • 100% Reduced Risk

Reliable and repeatable

Our updated drone fleet continuously collects high-quality data of the same standard, irrespective of who is doing the collecting. You can rely on the data as our precision and accuracy is always top-notch.

Generate collaboration

Clients are typically worried about the communication and data sharing between our data analyst and their engineer. But it’s not the case with GIS Drones. Instead, our inspection and data processing facilitates straightforward collaboration inside the business between the engineers and the field operators.

Our Deliverables

  • Cell Tower Inspection Reports
  • Anomalies Identification
  • 3D Models 
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