Urban Planning & 360° Panorama

Plan better living spaces with innovation and imagination.

A bird-eye view of an area ensures a planned expansion and systematic development. Incorporating drone data into local geographic information systems (GIS) helps teams visualize the present and future of any locality.

AI-based aerial survey drone software generates 360° panoramic maps to give you a holistic virtual tour of the area to take a realistic development plan

Why GIS Drones For Urban Planning & 360° Panorama

Our state-of-the-art drones take off quickly and fly over towns or rural regions to collect data utilizing automated flights, which saves money and reduces fieldwork time.

Key Benefits

  • Mark properties for sale & their surrounding attractions
  • Shareable to youtube, www, Facebook, and photo gallery
  • Interactive and zoomable

3D City Modeling

To visualize designs, GIS Drones create 3D models with accurate, geo-referenced data that clients can quickly put into BIM models.

Our industry-standard photogrammetry software can produce 3D models with various GIS systems, making planning much more manageable.

Property and Zone Demarcation

To aid in classification and planning, surveying drones and software solutions create 2D Orthomosaics and 3D models incorporating various forms of geographic information.

In addition to feature analysis, we can generate topographic maps using drone-collected aerial data.

Our Deliverables

  • Attractive high-resolution pictures
  • 360° photos for promotion and marketing
  • City maps with 3D models
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